Yummy Choo at #FBC5 StrEAT Party

Selina Periampillai of Yummy Choo (@yummychooeats) will be joining #FBC5 StrEAT Party doling out authentic Mauritian street food.

Where can we find you? 
Supperclubs run from my home in Croydon, Surrey twice a month and pop up events in London every month, you have to keep an eye out!

What can FBC5 attendees expect from Yummy Choo at the event?
Authentic Mauritian Street Food!
We’ll be serving up some crispy Gateaux Piment (spilt pea chilli cakes) with satini (chutney)  and Mini Roti Chaud; roti’s filled with either curry grois pois (butterbean curry) or mauritian cari poulet (my mother’s family recipe chicken curry) and tomato rougaille and achar/chutney.

So, just who are Yummy Choo? 
Yummy Choo is a Mauritian venture started by myself and Mama Choo (as she is known) hosting supperclubs from my home which lead to pop-up dining events in London and private dining, bringing a taste of Mauritius to everyone.

What inspired you to start Yummy Choo?
Finding my love of baking and cooking once again when I was working full time in the city, bringing in cakes and sweet treats for colleagues. Seeing the happy faces inspired me to start my own business in food! I started cooking a lot with my mum and dad learning family Mauritian recipes which made me think that there aren’t enough places out there to eat homecooked Mauritian cuisine, so I started up a supperclub, which lead on to pop up events, collaborations and private dining.

And where do you see it going?
I would like do more private cheffing jobs, regular residency pop ups, maybe somewhere more permanent in the future in Mauritian cuisine and for it to become a familiar cuisine and gain the attention & exposure it deserves.

Tell us a bit about food from Yummy Choo?
Comforting, family recipes served with a smile, sometimes with my own modern twists and bringing a slice of sunshine to the UK!

What does it mean to you?
Everything, I really am determined to make this work, it is my full time passion, with the help of supportive family and friends who have come along on the ride, I don’t want to disappoint them or me!

What makes the food you serve so special?
They are family recipes that I grew up on, things my mum and dad, grandparents used to cook, they conjure up lots of childhood memories.

After Yummy Choo, what other street stalls/pop ups/supper clubs out there do you think are really good?
There are so many at the moment, I rate Plusxifive Supperclub for their amazing Singapore dishes, Darjeeling Xpress for her awesome Indian cuisine, Sabrina Ghayour’s Persian Suppers, Horn Ok Please, for their bhel puri and dosas!

Do you have a food blog?
Yes! yummychooeats.com

Who is your favourite food blogger?
I have some I follow, Eat Your World, The Feel Good Food Book, Smitten Kitchen, Eat Like a Girl, Mondomulia to name a few!

Tell us why you want to take part in FBC5
I want to spread the word on Mauritian cuisine, being a food blogger myself, would be great to meet & talk to other fellow bloggers

What effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?
Quite a big impact, I think there are so many bloggers these days, they are their own critics, creating innovative recipes, commenting on restaurants, everyone wants to hear what a food blogger has to say, their opinions matter!

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?
Really liking how pop-ups have become  popular which is great for Yummy Choo as we are in the right place at the right time, so many home cooks and chefs engaging with customers on a level.


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    RT @bloggerconnect: Yummy Choo at #FBC5 StrEAT Party http://t.co/L3Cj6cgtAF #latestnews

  2. @yummychooeats April 9, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Looking forward to this! “Can’t wait to taste Mauritian food from Yummy Choo – @yummychooeats at #FBC5 StrEAT… http://t.co/q7vVh3l1CI

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    Can’t wait to taste Mauritian food from Yummy Choo – @yummychooeats at #FBC5 StrEAT Party http://t.co/CcahpCzW9k How about you?

  4. Regula Ysewijn (@MissFoodwise) April 12, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    RT @bloggerconnect: Can’t wait to taste Mauritian food from Yummy Choo – @yummychooeats at #FBC5 StrEAT Party http://t.co/CcahpCzW9k How about you?

  5. @yummychooeats April 12, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    RT @bloggerconnect: Can’t wait to taste Mauritian food from Yummy Choo – @yummychooeats at #FBC5 StrEAT Party http://t.co/CcahpCzW9k How about you?

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