Welcome Korea Foods #NextBigThing Unofficial Launch at #FBC14

We’re pushing boundaries and bringing you the #NextBigThing at #FBC14 this year! Join us in welcoming Korea Foods, proud brand partner who will be speaking at FBC to share everything you need to know about why Korean food should be the… yep you got it – #NextBigThing! It will also be the ‘unofficial launch’ of Korean Food and you’re in for a bite with Korean strEAT Party feeders adding flavour to the party!


Yes, we really do what we say on the tin!  We are Korea Foods Company (@Koreafoods) and we sell lots of Korean food!!! We have grown to become the largest importer of Korean food in Europe, supplying Korean food to over 1000 customers around the UK and Europe, including the likes of Asda, Morrisons, and Tesco.  Our origins lie within our founder and Chairman, Bernard Suh, who has run Korean restaurants since 1983, and founded Korea Foods Company in 1999 to supply local restaurants and shops within the heart of Korean community in South West London.  Bernard’s two sons, Dan and Yooni, run the operations in the UK and Slovakia respectively.

Dan Suh Korea Foods

Dan Suh (@DanSuh_KF), Managing Director of Korea Foods UK, has a calling in life, to promote Korean food to just about everyone he ever meets. 

I am a well-fed British born Korean, hell-bent on making everyone try Korean food and flavours. I love to eat and because my parents had a Korean Restaurant during the 80’s and 90’s, I spent most of my life eating the best Korean takeouts in London! Taking friends and guests to our restaurant made me see how people reacted to the unique flavours of Korean food, and therefore enjoy the very same food that I actually took for granted.  I will be speaking at #FBC14 about…….why Korean food should be the #nextbigthing.  I don’t always talk in hashtags either. Korea Foods UK started life in 1999, set up by my father Bernard Suh, to service the Korean and Oriental community in the UK and has now grown to become the largest Korean food company in Europe.  I became Managing Director in 2001 and since then, we’ve been working with a passion with chefs, street food traders, retailers, foodservice operators, almost whoever, to expose Korean food to the British public.   Korea Foods Company is not just about trading in Korean food products.  It is much more than that.  It is very much about a journey to drive an increase in the exposure of Korean food, such is our love of Korean food, read more about Korea Foods below!


How did you hear about FBC?
Actually, FBC had heard about us, so approached us! However, Food Bloggers Connect has long been on our radar, as has the blogging community, as we ramp up the efforts in respect of our digital marketing. FBC represents a great platform to talk to people who can help create the buzz and vibe around Korean food. Korean restaurants have been in London for many years. There is a strong Korean community in South West London too. Yet there has been no vibe. However, through chefs, bloggers, journalists, and the passion from a strong Korean street food scene, the vibe is happening and bloggers are a vital part to communicate this.
What can attendees expect from you at FBC?
Dan will be speaking at #FBC14 about…….why Korean food should be the #nextbigthing! Representing “Korean Food The Unofficial Launch”, is myself, Choi Boys (@Choi_Boys) who will be serving up some Korean influenced food on Saturday’s strEAT Party, with the Galbi Bros (@GalbiBros) joining the Sunday brunch. Just give them a go and see the unique flavours on offer!
FBC14-FoodBloggerConnect-Register-TodayHow can other non registered bloggers get their hands on your product?

Launching at the Taste of London event this year, we are launching an online portal to bring together information about Korean food into one place, under the name KOREAN BELLY. The idea will be to engage with the community and offer bloggers the opportunity to be a part of the Korean food scene that we then bring all into one place. Korean Belly wants to be fed reviews, pictures, articles, and anything to grow the Korean food scene. Simultaneously, we will be launching an online store, so people can get their hands on basic Korean ingredients, and that will be through our retail business, Seoul Plaza.

Are you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs?

The potential that bloggers have in forming opinions and communicating messages out to the greater public is vital to what we do and that’s why we’re here to engage and learn more. We are hoping to hold a bloggers’ event in South West London, where you can spend a little bit of time around our store, followed by dinner at the very best authentic Korean restaurant (as voted by the Korean community) to experience a fully-rounded picture of what Korean food is all about. Our presence at the Taste of London will show a different side again, whilst the Korean street food traders really do show the modern side to Korean food. We are fortunate enough to work closely with Gizzi Erskine, Stevie Parle, and Neil Rankin, and have just formed a new relationship with ex-Masterchef winner, Steven Wallis, and food writer, Jordan Bourke. We are also expecting to be working with Ching He Huang and Judy Joo in the coming months, and this means that we need more support from bloggers, but we need to give bloggers more reasons to write about the Korean food scene.

Korea FoodsHow has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?
Yes, by reaching out into the wider world, we have simply found that people actually want to hear more from us and about us. It’s not quite as simple as just creating a Facebook page or Twitter feed, we have to create engaging content and work with others to spread the vibe. As a business, we do make alot of noise, but without relationships, without the content, then it all goes into a black hole. It is now, as we move into a new gear, that we want bloggers to realise that we do have genuine relationships with some great chefs, that might give bloggers a reason to talk about us more.
If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Gochujang – it’s uniquely Korean and its versatility means you can create so many dishes from it. The chefs we work with simply cannot get enough of it and are inspired to create so many dishes from it.



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