Welcome Italian blogger Alex to #FBC5

Italian blogger Alex (@alexcarracher) is travelling to London to attend her first #FBC5 conference.  She blogs at Food4Thght!

What are you most looking forward to about #FBC5?

networking, plus a way forward for food blogging

What motivated you to blog about food and how has food blogging changed your life?

I opened my blog over 2 yrs ago almost by chance. Obviously I am passionate about cooking and I thought that my particular kind of home cuisine, sitting as it does somewhere between English and Italian traditional and revisited food, could have something to communicate. In the mean time, through blogging I have gained some fantastic friends a new passion for food photography.

Do you blog full time or, if not, what’s your day job? What does your family/partner think of your blog?

No, I do not blog full time, blogging remains on the fringe of my daily life which is full of many other commitments. I don’t anymore hold a full time job but I seem to be constantly busy with a number of projects, including my recent involvement in local politics. I have the fortune of being able to relay on a fully supportive husband who is appreciative of my skills and activities.

What are your future aspirations for the blog? From where do you get inspiration and who taught you to cook?

Aspiration for the blog, good question. I have been thinking for a while that it is perhaps time to look beyond food blogging. This is partially due to the overinflation of food blogs opening every day in Italy, the country where I live. What direction to take is as yet not clear to me and some new idea is one of the main things I am hoping to find at the FBC. The source of inspiration in my cooking varies from other bloggers or book recipes to just very simply personal experience and creativity. Beside Italy I lived many years in UK and in Germany and many are the cooks that I have met and taught me to cook. Perhaps, principally, I owe most to my dearest friend Jill from Bristol who is very close to a mother to me.

Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely? Tell us something you learned from reading blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?

Both the bloggers and the things I have learned from them are far too many to mention!

What’s your favourite/least favourite food? What’s been your ultimate meal to date? And what would your last meal be?

Favourite food: fish in all its declination, but also properly cooked curry, middle eastern food, some traditional English food – I adore pies and pasties! – and generally anything I have not tested before. Least favourite, probably cakes and sweet things in general.

How many cookbooks do you own? Who is your favourite celebrity chef and and who is your favourite food writer? Why?

I have never counted my cookbooks but they are certainly more than 101, LOL. We must understand what we mean by celebrity chefs. If we are talking about TV stars I rather not express myself. If we mean instead famous Michelin Stars chefs I must confes to a love for an Italian cook called Massimiliano Alajmo, check him out! The food writer that I most love is and will always remain Jane Grigson to whom I owe lots.

What’s your signature dish? If you want us to feature your favourite recipe from your own blog, include the link here!

I don’t know if I have one. I am a very polyedric cook and undergo periodical fads. At the moment I am very much into bread making but also any type of preserves. I can’t bring myself to choose one of my recipes over the others, they are all a bit like children really! Just go and peruse my blog and find out one for yourself 🙂

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? What’s the hottest item on your shopping list? (can be current foodie favourite or a desired gadget/book etc)

Mmmhh, I am a kitchen gadget addict, but probably my most treasured appliance is my Kenwood, my favourite tool(s) are instead my knives. As for my shopping list, let me just say that I go to extreme lengths to procure all kind of spices, if new and untried the better.


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