Welcome Belgium Bloggers S Marks The Spots and Au Gout d’Emma to #FBC14!

FBC14 is excited to welcome not one, but two, new attendees from the lovely Brussels.  We’re tempted to try to make Brussels puns (anyone know any good ones?) but instead will stick to welcoming them to London and their first FBC!

Hi, Sandy!  Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Sandy_smarksthespotsI blog at S Marks the Spots (@smarksthespots), a photography, food and travel blog.

What are you most excited for at Food Blogger Connect this year? 

This is the first time I’ve attended a FBC event. I am looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and learning tips and tricks about blogging.

Tell us a bit about your buddy!

My buddy is Emma from Au Goût d’Emma. I found her through Twitter since we were both interested in attending the FBC 14 event. I enjoy how her blog is playful and covers a variety of different topics.  I particularly liked Emma’s post on the Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium for 2014. 

 Tell us a bit about your blog!

I created the blog a year ago as a creative outlet. I love photography, food and travelling, so I wanted it to capture my travels and favourite places and in Brussels, Paris and London. My short-term goal is to add new series of posts on travelling and cooking and improve the quality of my photography. My long-term goal is to monetise my blog through sponsors.


Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely?

I follow a number and type of bloggers covering different topics (food, lifestyle, travel, fashion, DIY). I always observe the readability and structure of other blogs as well as their writing style and photography and try to learn from the ones I consider successful.


Sandy’s buddy Emma (@augoutdemmais a food, restaurant and lifestyle blogger whose Au Goût d’Emma about Belgium and beyond – but sorry, English speaking FBC readers, it’s all in French!

What are you most excited for at Food Blogger Connect this year?

Emma_IndiaI have never attended FBC, or any other food blogger event as big as this before. Belgian blogosphere is not as big as in our neighbouring countries. So I am really excited to meet all the bloggers who will be there!

Tell us a bit about your buddy!

My buddy is Sandy from S Marks the Spots  – I think she spots really cool foodie places ! I actually discovered her blog when our fellow blogger Andreea tweeted us about this event… So thanks FBC for this!

 What is your favourite post by your buddy?

I love her posts on her favourite restaurants places in Brussels, as I am always looking for new places to discover in my area.

Tell us a bit about your blog!

I’ve started my blog right after graduating from my communication studies. It was a way for me not to spend my days doing nothing, and I never thought it could become so important. Now I would like to write for a living, so I hope my blog will help me connect to the right people! I would also love to create my own e-magazine, maybe one day…

Which other food bloggers do you follow most closely?

One of my favourite food blog is Cook’n’Roll. Gregory’s recipes are amazing, he often inspires me. I think something important I learned from other blogs is to check very carefully the spelling of my posts – this is really something I find annoying while reading other blogs !


What’s your signature dish? 

My signature dish is quite simply mussels with (Belgian) fries, which is actually the “signature dish” of my country too 😉

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? 

I don’t really have a favourite one. But on top of my wishlist is definitely a bread machine, something I am really missing right now.


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