Welcome back #FBC5 volunteer Ceri

Ceri (@cerikitchen) is an #FBC12 alumni who is volunteering with this year’s #FBC5 again and is a key part of the team!  Welcome her back and learn more about her newly re-branded blog Natural Kitchen Adventures, why she loves FBC and what she’s looking forward to this year!

What are you most looking forward to about #FBC5?

As a first time attendee (and volunteer) last year I couldn’t have gotten more out of the experience; Met heaps of new people, made some friends, and learnt tones about blogging. I hope for the same again!

What motivated you to blog about food and how has food blogging changed your life?

I’d been blogging about the marathon and needed a new project when that was over. It seemed like the best place to share all the recipes and passion I have for healthy food and cooking. Blogging has enabled me to meet so many new and interesting people (especially through FBC). It has also made me realise networking with new people is easy when you are passionate about your subject area. This has given me, personally a huge confidence boost.

What are your future aspirations for the blog? From where do you get inspiration and who taught you to cook?

I want to write a cookbook 🙂

What’s your favourite/least favourite food? What’s been your ultimate meal to date? And what would your last meal be?

I love Mezze – getting to try a little bit of everything on one big plate! I just visited Ottolenghi for a birthday treat and loved everything about the menu, the vibe and the experience

How many cookbooks do you own? Who is your favourite celebrity chef and and who is your favourite food writer? Why?

My collection is growing weekly (yes weekly!) I’ve just had some shelves put up in my living room to allow me to house more. My current favourite book is Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi – there isn’t much in that book I don’t want to cook and I love the way the history and culture of the food is intertwined with the recipes.

What’s your signature dish?

I’m not sure I have a signature dish since I’m always exploring new things to cook. I guess scrambled eggs since I have them for breakfast most days. A little bit runny with turmeric and cumin and a dollop of ghee! My favourite recipe on my blog at the moment is Spiced Pulled Lamb.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? What’s the hottest item on your shopping list?

Definitely my food processor. Hardly a day goes by without me using it! Especially useful for grating carrots at speed or making home made mayonnaise – which I’m addicted to at the moment. I would obviously love a vitamix since its better than your average processor… Some chocolate moulds are next on my shopping list. I love making my own chocolate so I can control the type and amount of sugar that goes in.


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