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Barleycup (@BarleycupUK) is an innovate drinks company providing gluten-free, caffeine free hot beverages to those looking for a healthier alternative to tea and coffee. Connect with Barleycup at #FBC15 and find their product inside this year’s goodie bag!


Barleycup is a range of gluten free, caffeine free hot drinks, made from only roasted barley, rye and chicory, with no artificial additives and free from added sugar. It is certified by Coeliac UK and one cup contains just 10kcal.

Because it is naturally caffeine free, Barleycup makes it a great alternative to tea and coffee, ideal if you have trouble sleeping and are trying to reduce caffeine.There are four great tasting variations of Barleycup to choose from – all of which are gluten free: Barleycup Powder; Barleycup Granules; Barleycup Organic and Barleycup with Dandelion. Barleycup is made using a unique process that includes extracting a liquid that is free from gluten.

Connecting Brands

Industry Partner FBC15How did you hear about FBC? Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year and how you will be featuring your product or brand to connect with the community of bloggers?

We have always viewed Food Blogger Connect as an excellent way to connect with like minded bloggers and are really looking forward to being involved this year. We work with bloggers in the UK but want to extend our reach and start conversations with more bloggers, to help spread the word about Barleycup. We’re taking part in Food Blogger Connect to reach our core audience, who we know are strongly influenced by the health and including free from blogger. We will be providing samples to be included in all of the Food Blogger Connect goody bags, so that attendees can take it home, and relax with a delicious mug of Barleycup at the end of the day!

Barley Cup 4 product Ad image 620x349 300dpi A (1)FBC registered attendees from around the world will be going home knowing more about your product and its flavour! How can other non registered bloggers get their hands on your product? Where can they find it if they wanted to order or connect with you?

Bloggers can get in touch by emailing barleycup@ceres-pr.co.uk if they’d like to receive samples for review purposes. Alternatively they can get in touch on Twitter by Tweeting @BarleycupUK and request samples there. Barleycup Powder and Barleycup Granules are available in 200g jars from Holland & Barrett.

All Barleycup drinks – including Barleycup with Dandelion are available at independent health food stores nationwide and online via:










Are you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs? Has FBC encouraged you to follow bloggers? If so, who/what type of bloggers do you follow closely or hope to connect and perhaps work with? How can bloggers and brands work better together?Do you work with any bloggers currently or plan to? What do you look for in a blogger when searching to work with bloggers? 

We’re really keen to work with bloggers in the health food and free from landscapes, as Barleycup is caffeine and gluten free and doesn’t have any added sugars. We strongly believe in the benefits of working with bloggers, and recognise that they make up some of the most in powerful influencers today. We are always looking to work with new writers, and are interested in discussing the many and varied opportunities with different UK blogs.

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

We recently launched Barleycup on Twitter, as we believe it is the best way to reach our target audience. We are also using it as a tool to connect with bloggers who talk about topics relevant to our brand, and engage in conversations with them.

What positive effect are food, travel, or lifestyle bloggers having on the industry? What do you value in a blog? What food blogging trends are you enjoying at the minute? Are food trends for following religiously, setting yourself or ignoring all together? 

Bloggers are continuing to change and shape the food and health industries, and their opinions and reviews are key to encouraging interest in the brand. It is really important to us that bloggers offer honest and fair reviews, in their own personal style, staying true to their own USP. The rise of the health blogger is certainly encouraging more people to seek a healthier lifestyle and the huge increase in ‘free from’ bloggers is really helping to spread awareness of food intolerances, and to help those who struggle with them.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why? If your brand has recipes – share with the readers your signature dish – If you want us to feature your favourite recipe from your own blog, include the link here and tell them why it’s important!Got a quick note you want to share? You can also share engaging and quirky tips, facts or ideas with the blogging community!

We would simply encourage people to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and make sure to drink plenty of water. It is also known that consuming too much caffeine, whether it be through tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks, can be bad for your health. We would therefore suggest that people should try to switch to caffeine free drinks such as Barleycup, to help them stay within the recommended daily limit for caffeine which is 400mg. It is about striking a balance in your everyday life and making healthy decisions.


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