Veggie Autumnal and Festive Season Recipes

With the Holiday season upon us, homey feasts and festive recipes seem to be on everyone’s mind. Alas, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals mostly rhyme with turkey. At FBC, we believe that such jolly occasions deserve funkier alternatives, so to spice things up we’ve decided to show you some meatless options this year and have selected some of our favourite revisited autumnal recipes on the food-blogosphere.

PumpkinChickpea 2459 681x1024 Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Yogurt Crumble

Recipe by Bethany Kehdy
Photography by Sarka Babicka

And fear not carnivore friends, we can assure you these little beauties won’t leave you hungry and will please your palate. So give them a go and surprise yourself!

For starters, what better way to tease your palate but with a creamy appetizer?

“Thyme” blogger Riley Madel’s hearty and unusual Butternut squash and orange cauliflower soup makes a smooth and ideal taster for a long banquet to come.

To follow up, there are three veggie possible ways to go: either linger with the rich and buttery by concocting “We are not Martha’s” seasonal Apple and walnut risotto with Gorgonzola, simply go lighter with “The Kitchn’s” sweet and tasty wild rice salad with roasted green beans and dried cranberries or why not surprising your guests with Bethany’s highly unusual Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Yogurt Crumble pictured above.

Photography by Emma Christensen for the Kitchn

Turkey or no turkey, festivities have a tendency to leave us stuffed as a bird (no pun intended) but it would be a sin not to catch at least one bite of “Joy the Baker’shoney and beer spice cake– yes you read right, beer– and the copious loaf would work wonders marinated in a scoop of “Sarah Bakes Gluten Free’spumpkin spice ice cream.

At this point, a drink is in order, and we’d like to propose a toast –either holding “Hungry Again’s” autumn pear sidecar cocktail, or “The Kitchn’ssparkling apple cider sangria– to all you foodies. Cheers!

Recipe and photography by Maureen Petrosky from The Kitchn

From Leonore Dicker
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