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  1. BelLe December 21, 2012 at 5:22 am #

    Sometimes the feedburner count chnegas my perception positively or negatively of a blog’s readership. I was sure that you had 12,000,000 readers, Chris. Subscriber counts work for me exactly like finding out someone’s salary. I hadn’t really thought consciously about where the number of subscribers would be, but once I know, the person somehow is pegged at that level and I become interested in how that number chnegas.Occasionally I’ll use Technorati to check a blogger’s connections. That happens most often when the blogger in question seems to be talking down to readers or self-promoting in a loud and uncomfortable way.Those factors come forward as price/value indicators when I thnk about the potential of a sale. Then other variables enter the pool of value as well focus/quantity of content, earnings of the blog, how closely the blog is tied to the blogger, and so on so that the weight of the original numbers is only part of a whole.In the end, the numbers and seals of approval serve to let me know that other folks are listening too. Knowing how blogs change and how individuals collect, they validate my choice, perhaps, but they have little to power as an incentive or disincentive. They are a nice thing no more, no less.

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