Thinking of Starting a Blog? Join Louise Gardner at #FBC14!

Big welcome to ‘soon-to-be’ blogger Louise Gardner (@primalgrapevine)! Her blog is just about to go live and hint: Paleo’s on the menu!


What are you looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year? 

I am looking forward to learning as much as possible at FBC about this fascinating field and meeting other food bloggers!

Is blogging your full time job?

I have been focussing on getting my food blog up and running following on from redundancy. I have young children, and my plan is to build a career around family commitments.

What motivated you to blog and how has blogging changed your life? 

My motivation to blog stems from having been introduced to the Paleo way of eating, and I now want to share my passion for this lifestyle with others. I would love to have my own cookbook, perhaps do some vlogging, and even cooking demos would be of interest!

What’s your signature dish? 

South African meatloaf (Bobotie) or Chicken a la King, Paleo style!


What food trend are you looking forward to seeing snowball in 2014?

I am looking forward to seeing Paleo snowball in 2014. I believe it is on the UP trend.

What’s the most unusual place you have ever eaten at?
The most unusual place I have eaten a meal, was on Safari in South Africa. Nothing compares to eating outdoors in the most magical setting of the surrounding African bush.

The most fabulous meal I’ve eaten was at a restaurant called Envy in Amsterdam, nestled right on the banks of one of the canals. The tasting menu was out of this world.
If you had to eat one type of cuisine for a year what would it be?
It would have to be French. Lobster would absolutely be my last meal on earth, given the choice.

Finish this sentence food heaven is to me… What’s your idea of food hell?

Food heaven to me is a delicious organic steak with loads of veggies.

Food hell – not so keen on the idea of offal…

Who is your favourite celebrity chef? 

My favourite celebrity chef would have to be Jamie Oliver. He has such passion!

If you could cook for anyone …

If I could cook for anyone, it would be my late Mum. She was a great cook, and my cooking skills have only developed in the time since she passed. I would loved to have been able to prepare nourishing and inflammation reducing meals for her.

What cookbooks have you added to your collection recently?

I have an extensive cookbook collection! My most recent additions include The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy, Against All Grain by Danielle Walker and Nom Nom Paleo to name a few….. A great cookbook for me, is one filled with fabulous photos of the dishes, as well as plenty of personal musings.

How is your lifestyle influenced by food and blogging?

My children influence me daily in my thoughts towards food blogging and nutrition. Mothers of young children influence me too. Spending time in any food environment influences me.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance? 

My spiralizer, it is AMAZING for making courgette noodles! I also cannot be without my Le Creuset Tagine, I cook anything and everything in it.


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