The Iconic and Original @Microplane is coming to #FBC15!

Designed with both the professional chef and home cook in mind, join us in welcoming the essential kitchen tool and proud sponsors Microplane  (@Mircoplane) to #FBC15!
microplane_logo_cmyk_rbMicroplane is the first company to apply photo-etching technology to graters, an innovative process especially designed to create ultra-sharp cutting edges. Made in the USA, the tiny teeth behave like sharp knives to cut ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding like most stamped graters. The blade ensures that food doesn’t stick or block, but instead, gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time. The iconic Microplane® Premium Classic Zester is the ultimate kitchen essential, saving valuable time, when grating everything from hard cheese to citrus fruits, ginger, garlic and nutmeg.
Premium Classic Zester Blade
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How did you hear about FBC? Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year and how you will be featuring your product or brand to connect with the community of bloggers?

Microplane is delighted to be taking part in #FBC15! 40 years on and Microplane® graters have earned themselves a permanent place in the hands of professional chefs worldwide. We would like to use the conference as an opportunity to engage with passionate foodies by gifting everyone an iconic Microplane® Premium Classic Zester so that grating excellence can be achieved by all.

 Premium Classic - Group Shot
FBC registered attendees from around the world will be going home knowing more about your product and its flavour! How can other non registered bloggers get their hands on your product? Where can they find it if they wanted to order or connect with you?

Microplane graters are available at leading department stores and cookshops nationwide. For further information, please call the Consumer Helpline on +49 (0) 40-8971 286 0.

Premium Classic Zester - Black
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There is a plethora of exciting food blogs in the UK and we’re looking forward to engaging with them in the coming months.


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