The Future of Online Cooking with Grokker at #FBC5

Grokker (@grokkerinc) is the Expert Video Network, an online video community that is designed to help enthusiasts get better at their passions. The site launched its invitation only beta website in April 2013 and is currently accessible across multiple platforms including tablets and smartphones. Grokker is designed to make it easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere, to get better at what they love through high quality, expert video and connecting with a global community of enthusiasts and experts.


The business is headquartered in San Jose, California and has initially launched in 3 categories, Yoga, Cooking and Fitness with many more planned for the New Year.


Head of European Operations, Richard Fattal will be discussing the future of online cooking content and the role that video-on-demand has to play within that. Grokker operates a revenue share scheme with its experts and Richard will also touch on how video can be used both as a means of driving more traffic to your blog and as a way of monetising your talents. Grokker is keen to discover new talent for its platform as well as to build out its relationship with the food blogger community and to establish an editorial board to help guide the direction of its cooking channel.



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