Thank You Olives from Spain for Becoming an FBC11 Partner!



Hola! from Food Blogger Connect’s latest sponsor Olives from Spain, bringing the heat and a healthy dose of Mediterranean spirit to this year’s event!



As well as hosting brunch at this year’s conference on Sunday 14th August, they will provide an array of the finest Olives from Spain throughout the weekend along with a fun food facts and tasting session.

Olives from Spain is on a mission to educate the UK public about the great taste and versatility of the Spanish table olive and to address the misconception that the majority of the world’s table olives come from Greece and Italy. In fact over 30% of the world’s total are produced in Spain from some 2.5 million hectares of olive trees!

Spain has a long tradition when it comes to growing olive trees and harvesting their fruit. Generation after generation, Spain produces the highest quality olives – the sun, the climate and the natural setting make Spanish olives the most juicy and tasty in the world. Elegant and delicious, simple and sophisticated; Olives from Spain are loved by adults and children alike.

As well as tasting delicious, they also have a number of health benefits. Ever wondered the secret to the Spanish living so long?  Many say it’s down to a healthy Mediterranean diet rich in fish, meat, vegetables, pulses and of course olives (and we think the sun has something to do with it too!) Made up of healthy unsaturated fats, water and fibre as well as a range of minerals and vitamins, Olives from Spain are highly nutritious, making them a healthy alternative to fatty savoury snacks such as crisps and nuts.

They’re not only a tasty snack to be enjoyed on their own as a pre-dinner or party nibble but also as a wholesome and flavoursome ingredient to be used in a whole range of food dishes! Choose from tasty tapas, summer salads and Mediterranean meats in the run up to the Spanish olives harvest in September.

Olives are often recognised in two popular forms; green and black. The colour of an olive doesn’t signify its variety but rather its level of ripeness at the stage when it is plucked from the olive tree. You will also find the fruit in shades of pink and brown, these turning of colour olives are mid-way in their life cycle and offer yet another variation of taste and texture. Spain is known for producing a vast array of olives, over 60 types in total, so whether whole, pitted or stuffed there is sure to be a Spanish Olive perfect for you!

Experiment with olives this summer and keep your eyes peeled for Olives from Spain in the media over the next couple of months – they’re tasty, versatile and nutritious.

For more information on Olives from Spain such as mouth-watering recipes, nutritional information, interesting facts and serving suggestions visit



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