Taste #GloriousAdventures at the #FBC15 #strEATParty!

A warm welcome to GLORIOUS! (@GloriousFoods) showcasing a global range of taste across the weekend during the #FBC15 #strEATParty!
GLORIOUS! is an award winning UK brand of fresh, ready made soup pots inspired by tastes from around the world. Our delicious range is inspired by our global adventures, using authentic ingredients discovered on our travels.





FBC15 Connecting Bloggers and Brands


What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event?

We will provide samples of a selection of our delicious soup flavours for bloggers who attend the #strEATParty to join us on a global taste adventure. Our bold and exciting global soup flavours inspired by authentic recipes and ingredients sourced from our adventures around the world are what makes GLORIOUS! stand out from the crowd. We will also be launching a blogger outreach competition at the event to attract bloggers to join our food adventures. This year we will be looking to attend a number of different blogger and foodie events as part of our GLORIOUS! food adventures.

Glorious soups FBC

How did you hear about FBC?
We found out about FBC when we were looking for the best way to connect with the top UK food bloggers to introduce them to the GLORIOUS! brand. We wanted to attend an event where we can let them sample our delicious soups. We will therefore have a stand at the strEAT Party at FBC to allow food bloggers to sample our fabulous global flavours!
How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?goa-express1
We currently run weekly competitions on our social media pages, giving our followers the chance to win our soups. Social media is a great way to find influential bloggers who are passionate about food and travel, and those who eat our soups. When a blogger reviews our products, we make sure we share their posts on our social media platforms. This not only helps to spread the word about our soups, but also helps the blogger gain recognition.

Are you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs?
We love to keep up to date with the latest foodie trends and news and follow a wide variety of food blogs.

As our flavours are inspired by global flavours, we have a special interest in international cuisine and travel blogs. We have worked with a number of food bloggers in the past, most recently focusing on introducing our SkinnyLicious range of soups to healthy & vegetarian bloggers. We look for a blogger who is passionate about food and writes honest and reliable reviews. We keep a close eye on the foodie top 100 blogger as we find these are the most influential and engaging blogs. We also love travel inspired blogs to introduce us to new adventures and inspire our new collections!

Where can we usually find your products if we wanted to order some or connect with you?
GLORIOUS! soups are available in all leading UK supermarkets both in store and online. If any bloggers wish to connect with us, we would love to hear from them, either on our social media channels or email pr@gloriousfoods.co.uk



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