Spread the Moose! Moose Maple Butter at the #FBC14 strEAT Party!

Welcome back Moose Maple Butter to the FBC14 strEAT Party! You’re in for a sweet treat! 


Moose Maple Butter, (@FarrahMoose) is made from fresh organic butter and pure grade A Maple Syrup, it is surely a healthy alternative to butter, jam and chocolate spreads and an absolute FBC favourite amongst the bloggers! So much so, that we had to return to ‘spread the Moose’ this June!

Moose on toast

It all began early one morning in New York City, when a slice of hot, buttered toast was in desperate need of something sweet! Not just anything ‘sweet’, it had to be natural and wholesome sweet (so that meant none of the many available sugary jams or chocolate spreads would do).

Enter a jar of pure Grade A Maple Syrup… The explosion of flavours from the rich butter and the sweet maple syrup on that warm toast was so delicious and divine, (even if it was a sticky mess of dripping maple syrup) it just needed to be shared with everyone!

Sarka Babicka

So there it was: the beginnings of Moose Maple Butter.

That unforgettable taste has led to months of: RESEARCHING (there’s nothing like it available easily in the UK or in the USA); PONDERING (it’s such a fast and easy breakfast or after school snack (or a naughty midnight snack for grown-ups) and it’s also naturally delicious – so why is it not available everywhere?); TESTING (very happy nieces and nephews and friends and family); and PERFECTING the recipe (absolutely nothing but pure, very carefully selected, natural ingredients, all lovingly blended together … so that it’s not messy!)


And now … Moose Maple Butter is ready. It is finally available in local markets and speciality delis and is returning to the #FBC14 strEAT Party to spread on hot toasts and crumpets!


The big question on everyones lips? How can other non registered attendees get their hands on your product? 

Right now it is available in local markets and two specialty delis in Richmond and Kew. It will be available more widely in London this year. Our launch was delayed due to technical issues and logistics but we are on track now! For direct orders, I can be contacted by email or via the website

Tell us how FBC helped you connect and showcase to bloggers and the benefits you had from exhibiting. 

FBC was a wonderful platform to introduce Moose Maple Butter last year. The response and feedback was tremendous (thank you)!


Jacqueline Meldrum (@tinnedtoms) “Moose Maple Butter – Wow! There isn’t much more to say. Fresh organic butter combined with maple syrup. If you can lay your hands on some, stock up!”  See blog post here.


Bintu Hardy (@RecipesPantry) “I am going to cause family issues when I say that it is better than the stuff my American brother-in-law brings back from Vermont.”
See blog post here

You can even hear us in the FBC5 video (@2:42)!

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

It’s been great! Especially all the bloggers I met at FBC5 in 2013!

There’s too many bloggers to mention here, but recipes from all of them can be found on Moose Maple Butter online.

Moose FBC Blogger Recipes


Healthy Heart

Madeleine Morrow (@madeleinemorro) “At the weekend I had a slice of toast with the most beautiful – indeed divine – topping I have tasted in years.” See blog post here

Cakes and Catwalks on Moose Maple Butter

Emma Jane of Cakes and Catwalks (@CakesCatwalks)

FBC14-FoodBloggerConnect-Register-TodayTo achieve a successful blog (from an industry perspective) what comes first? 

The styling and photography catches my eye first and then I read on! Of course the dishes matter too! I personally really enjoy Hungry, Healthy, Happy – a daily blog of every meal – simple and easy to follow to change bad habits. Also a big fan of Lapin d’Or and More

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why? 
Eat wholesome foods – no additives, no artificial colourings, no artificial preservatives. Just wholesome, natural foods. And of course, eat Moose Maple Butter instead of sugar laden jams and chocolate spreads!


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