Sarka Babicka

Sarka Babicka (@SarkaBabicka) is a London based freelance digital and film photographer. A former IT girl, born and raised in Prague. She found herself dabbling with food and photography and eventually these two passions merged into a new career. Specialising in food, lifestyle and travel photography she now works with clients locally and internationally on a variety of assignments. Sarka is a lover of natural light. Her approach to food photography highlights the natural beauty of food making you feel like the photo was captured on your kitchen table.

Sarka also writes a successful blog Cook Your Dream where she shares her love for food, travel and photography. If she’s not taking photos with her big camera she loves to capture her food and travel adventures with her iPhone and share them on Instagram.

Her clients include Cuisinart, Kallo Foods, Curaprox amongst others. Her work has been featured in international publications including Red online, Bon Appetit, Food Magazine, Hello! magazine, BBC Good Food Middle East, The National (UAE), The Lady Magazine, Fork Magazine, Crumbs to name but a few.

Sarka will hold the enlightning School of Photography at FBC12 to teach the basics of digital food photography. She will explain how to control one of the most important elements in photography – light. This session will show you how light effects the mood of your photos and how to tell a story by creating a particular mood by using props and controlling lights and shadows. Also, she will tell you about capturing moments of your everyday life, finding your visual voice, editing iPhone photos and sharing them on Instagram (@sarkababicka) towards the end of this session.

She will also be covering post production process in the Getting ‘Geeky’ with Lightroom session. Sarka will explain what a histogram is and how to correct white balance, exposure, colors or lens distortion to get an ideal shot.



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  1. Leos March 12, 2016 at 5:14 am #

    …tak kde je ten ‘food blog’, Sarko? 😉


  1. FBC12 Programme | Food Blogger Connect - September 5, 2012

    […] Getting ‘Geeky’ with Lightroom Sarka Babicka […]

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