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Regula Ysewijn (@missfoodwise) was born and raised in Flanders, Belgium, but her heart has always been in England. On her blog, Miss Foodwise , she writes about her passion for Britain, British (real) food and culture.

She studied graphic design and artisan printing techniques in Antwerp and has been a graphic designer ever since she graduated 7 years ago. Her favourite subjects were lithography and film photography and after a few years of letting the camera gather dust in the cupboard she picked it up again when she discovered her new passion in food photography.

Now mostly digital, she’s always on a mission to create the perfect mood in her photographs to accompany or envision her stories and emotions on the blog and beyond. Always inspired by the Flemish masters and renaissance painters, she rarely leaves the house without a camera. She’s also an Instagram addict and not afraid to admit it.

Today she combines her graphic design with her food obsession and writes, designs and photographs for international magazines, clients, Great British Chefs blog as well as for her own blog.

At home she is also the creative woman behind the even more creative guy who is The Tiny Red Factory, specializing in bespoke illustrations and graphic design.


Regula Ysewijn is speaking at #FBC5 about being a “Breathing Life Into Your Brand Identity

Regula will talk about graphic design and how to make your blog design personal. She will guide you through the do’s and don’ts design-wise. What applies to layouts in books and magazines also applies to the design of a blog or website. Readability is key and less is more.

As not all bloggers want or have the funds to hire a graphic designer and web developer to build their blog straight away, Regula will show you what you can do to personalise a basic template to your needs. Also, she will give you an idea on how to put together a brief for a designer so that when you are ready to get your logo and/or blog designed, you can pass on your vision and the goal that you have, or want to achieve, clearly.

It’s all in the details and she will show you what they are. During this session there will also be time to ask Regula about your blog design and how she would improve it to make it more attractive.


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  1. kellie@foodtoglow June 27, 2013 at 7:15 am #

    Love the content and unique style of your blog, Regula. I would love to pick up some tips from you so please include me in your session. Thanks!looking forward to meeting you again. Kellie


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