Rani’s Mix Give Bloggers A Break at #FBC14

FBC14 will be showcasing  Rani’s Mix (@ranimix) at the Give Me A Break area all weekend long during the 6th edition of FBC this June to the international community of bloggers!  We caught up with Gajan Umapathy to share more about their fabulous Bombay Mix…
RANIS LOGO transparentI’m an IT guy who loves snacking. Luckily it just happens my mum (Rani) also makes the best Bombay Mix out there; although we like to call it ‘Mixture’ as it is referred to in the South Indian and Sri Lankan community where my mum started making it.

Our mix is hand cooked in small batches using pure sunflower oil, doesn’t contain any flavourings, colourings or preservative. It also has a unique combination of exotic ingredients such as cassava and curry leaves in the mix.

Bombay Mix is a huge industry in the UK and around the world but none of the mix I’ve come across tastes as good as ours as many are just cheaply mass produced using poor ingredients. We are the first Bombay Mix to ever win a gold start in the Great Taste award 2013 and can’t wait to hear feedback from all the bloggers at FBC!


ranis mixture award winninf

Why are you taking part in FBC?
We are showcasing at FBC to connect our Mixture to all the bloggers this June. FBC attendees can taste a unique savoury snack that will give them something to write about and help a small family business become known on the web and help us grow.

What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event?

We’re “Giving Bloggers A Break” and providing  60 grams stand up bags in premium packing so attendees can pocket the snack and have it at their convenience all weekend long!

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

Twitter has allowed me to find food bloggers and to connect with them to try our product and write about us.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Replace the boring potato crisps and have some Rani’s Mixture. 🙂





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