Push Your Boundaries with Jackie Lee at #FBC14!

As part of our FBC14 theme to ‘push your boundaries‘ we’re catching up with FBC alumni and finding out about how FBC has influenced their blogs, careers and even lives!   Today Jackie (@jaxies) from I am a Feeder checks in with us and shares her story!
Jackie and Asha (Fork Spoon Knife) at #FBC5

Jackie LeeTell us about you and your blog!
I’m an ex-food writer, current professional pastry chef and my blog is called I am a Feeder

How long have you been involved in the food industry?
I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, just started my job as a pastry chef in December following graduating from culinary school in June.
What did you used to for a living beforehand?
I was a freelance food writer and private caterer for 2 years but before that I worked for a year in a little baby boutique (a part-time student job turned full-time). Before that, I was a student!
Did you enjoy it?
Initially, yes, but found that I enjoyed the catering more than the writing after a while. 
What triggered you to switch to full-time foodie?
I think I’ve always been a “full-time foodie”! Now, I just get paid for it =)


What do you love most about what you currently do?
I love being behind the scenes and being part of the creative process, rather than the one criticising it. I work in one of the most prestigious places in London and I adore everything about it – my team, my head chef, the opportunity to learn, the food we make and my own input into our menu. It’s by far the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

Any foreseeable career moves?
For now I’m going to stay where I am but the chef world moves fast – who knows where I’ll be in a few years!
Any thoughts on the future of food-blogging?
As long as there’s good (or bad!) food and somebody with access to the internet, there will be blogs!
Any tips or advice to others who would like to do the same?
Professional chef-ing is not at all glamorous, despite how it may look. Be absolutely sure that this is what you want to do with your life and take the time to visit as many kitchens as possible. I Staged for nearly 6 months around the UK following culinary school before I finally took a job, and because of that I got to see so much and really figure out what I wanted. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly but, for me, it was the best decision. Good luck!
Jackie Master Chef
How has FBC influenced you? What have you gained and how have you grown since attending the conference?
FBC was a great way to meet like-minded individuals and, more specifically, to move from the online world to real life. Having people to turn to and talk to when facing writer’s – or generally food-related – block, and having a real life support network and friends who were going through similar things in their lives, really gave me the confidence to take the step from being behind the page to being at the forefront of the professional kitchen. I can say with confidence that had I never started my food blog I would definitely not be living out my dreams the way I am now.
Jackie has been a great, vibrant edition to FBC and is returning as a speaker to share her story this June!!  Are you pushing your boundaries? Take the leap and join the blogging community at #FBC14 – see you there!

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