Push Your Boundaries! #FBC14 Alumni Series with Miss Foodwise

At FBC, we encounter many people who have bravely changed jobs to dedicate their career to something they cherish: food.

FBC Alumni Bloggers at StrEAT Party

FBC5 Alumni Bloggers Simone from Jungle Frog, Karin Stienemeier, Regula and Juls at strEAT Party

In anticipation of this year’s “push your boundaries” theme, we decided to celebrate FBC’s bold alumni who’ve made the leap from hobby to full-time blogging, after attending FBC. We will be posting a series of interviews to share their stories, growth, and hear some of their tips and encouragement to hopefully inspire others to make the switch! FBC itself began with just a dream, we therefore make it our mission to help others follow theirs – through our conferences and events – by providing attendants with the confidence, strength, tools and community needed to push their boundaries and get started!


Meet our first passionate go-getter in this series, Regula Ysewijn (@missfoodwise):  a loyal FBC Alumni [4th year attending] who will be returning as a speaker with a session on “burning your fingers with historic foodways” at this year’s conference in June!

miss foodwise banner


Tell us about your blog!

I’m a freelance photographer, graphic designer and writer with a focus on food. My blog name is Miss Foodwise because it became a nickname for me when my blog was named Foodwise at the very start. Miss Foodwise is a blog devoted to discovering everything there is to know about British food (history) and culture. I enjoy to research the history behind a British dish to find out how it changed over the years and how social history influenced how people ate and how dishes evolved or disappeared completely. I also love to tell the story visually with the images I create for every dish. Currently I’m busy writing my first book about British food and I’m also photographing and writing for editorial and advertising clients as well as creating new visual identities for food businesses at the graphic design business I share with my husband.

FBC11 Miss Foodwise at Photography Workshop

Emiko Davies and Regula at FBC11

I’ve had Miss Foodwise for 3 years now, so I’ve been involved in the food industry for as long as that. 

What did you used to for a living beforehand?

I was a graphic designer, photographer and social media manager for a design agency in Antwerp.

Did you enjoy it?

I did, but I had the need to build a business of my own. I’ve always been full of ambition and the thought of creating my own business has always been on my mind.

What triggered you to switch to full-time foodie?

A passion to build something of my own, to follow my heart and create a new life where I can use my creativity for meaningful things. I also got an amazing job offer from a large food company I support, but I felt I had to try and build something myself first. I would otherwise regret not trying to achieve my goals on my own, so I took the most scary and exciting decision. To say it with the words of Confucius: “Choose a job you love,  and you will never have to work a day in your life”

What do you love most about what you currently do?

The freedom of working for yourself, to be able to write your own future and build something that is meaningful. I love meeting producers, farmers, chefs and other people who are doing great things with food. My job gives me the opportunity to not only learn from these people but also show them the respect they deserve. I also enjoy doing workshops, seeing that twinkle in people’s eyes when you’ve learned them something, is quite special.


Any foreseeable career moves?

Gosh, the one big career move of leaving my day job is enough for the months to come but there are of course more plans for exciting things in the next year, my book is one of them and I am also working on food and beer walks and workshops in my home country Belgium.

Any thoughts on the future of food-blogging?

I think the future of food blogging is bright, a lot of companies work with bloggers these days and luckily a lot of them now also understand that for many of us our blog is also a part of our business. With conferences like FBC we are able to connect with each other and learn from each other and build a tight knit community which is of great importance.

FBC12 Community

Urvashi Roe, Karen Burns-Booth, Sally of My Custard Pie and Regula at FBC12

Any tips or advice to others who would like to do the same?

Be creative, work hard for your passions and surround yourself with good and honest people.

Regula at FBC5, the 5th anniversary event in 2013 during the photography workshop

Regula at FBC5, the 5th anniversary event in 2013 during the photography workshop

How has FBC influenced you? What have you gained and how have you grown since attending the conference?

Attending FBC showed me that there is a whole world out there that is focused on food in a different way than what we’ve been used to for decades. It made me realise that I can make a job out of my passionate hobby and put me in contact with like-minded people who I learned from and who became friends. A community is very important especially if you work freelance, and FBC is the perfect place to meet and greet that community!
FBC12 Alumni Attendees Juls, Regula, Sarka

FBC12 Alumni Attendees Juls, Regula, Sarka

Ready to push your boundaries? Learn the ins and outs of the industry and connect with like-minded peers from all over the world at our next FBC conference this June. As Kuna Patel wisely said “don’t follow your dreams, chase them”!





3 Responses to Push Your Boundaries! #FBC14 Alumni Series with Miss Foodwise

  1. Liz May 6, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    What an inspiring rubric to include in the FBC site. Regula et al other alumni and their stories of food crumbs to whole plate jobs following food careers are an encouragement to us hobbyist-dreamers. I am looking forward to FBC and its sharing, empowering possibilities. As Regula says, it’s so hard for freelancers, especially the homeworking variety, to have opportunities for connecting. Even those who live in virtual worlds need to rub shoulders to feel their not an oddity or merely dreamers. Often our well-meaning loved ones close to us at home sometimes think we’re on a different planet as ‘food bloggers’!

  2. IshitaUnblogged May 7, 2014 at 12:21 pm #

    Very inspiring post… hopped from Sally’s tweet, another blogger from whom I am always learning.


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