Petit Gateau Baking up a Storm at the #FBC5 Afternoon Tea

Cindy Robert, (@PetitGateau_UK), the entrepreneur behind the mouth-watering baking stall Petit Gateau, is bringing her delicious bakes to the #FBC5 Afternoon Tea at the StrEAT Party.  She spoke to us about blogging and the London food stalls she enjoys!

Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you serve and where we can find you trading?

Petit Gâteau is bringing a French touch to the street food scene. No “Oh La La”, but proper nice cakes and savoury bits. From éclairs, tartelettes, gâteaux, brioches and macarons to croque-monsieurs and petites quiches. But because I’m not only French, but also a Japanese-culture & cuisine lover, be prepared to find some lovely Japanese treats on my stall from time to time! Hummm Taiyaki, Melon Pan…. Japanese pâtisserie often sounds strange to my customers, but it’s really delicious. I can also provide a complete catering service (sweet and savoury) for all your festive events. You can usually find me every Saturday in Finchley at the North London Artisan Market (N3 3QE – @NLArtisanMarket) Please get in touch to discuss all things food !

What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event? 

I plan on doing a selection of sweet treats : macarons, mini brioches, choux, tarlets, … and also some Taiyaki (a little waffle shaped as a fish and filled with red bean paste or vanilla crème pâtissière)


Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC5?

Because it could help my business get a better exposure. Being a blogger myself, I know how important these events can be to help promote a start-up like mine. And because I hope to meet hundreds of fellow bloggers to exchange with!

What inspired you to start your set-up? What are your future plans for it?

I’ve been cooking for a long time, since my teenage years. It always has been something that I liked very much. When I moved from France to London, I had a bit of spare time and started to cook and bake even more. After winning a cake design contest for the 30th anniversary of the London Wildlife trust in June 2011, I realised that not only my friends loved my cakes, but also other people. Friends are always biaised, but for strangers to ask me where my boutique was and if they could order my cakes, I thought “OK, there might be something there!”. Then I investigated the possibility of starting a business from home. And that is much more easier here than in France! So after thinking again and again, I decided to launch my very own little business last year : Petit Gâteau was born! Since, I’ve been trading on various festivals, vintage fairs and markets across London. Hopefully, in 3 to 5 years time, I’ll open my very own French/Japanese coffee shop. A little haven where you can find the best barista coffee and delicious sweet and savoury bits to devour!

What does your set-up mean to you?

Everything! I started this as a part-time/on the side job. But I’m now a full time entrepreneur! It’s exciting, frightening, maddening, exhausting but over all, it’s MY business, and my pleasure to serve great food.

What makes the food you serve so special?

My passion for cooking? That’s a tricky question. You try my food and tell me ! But one of the reason might be that it is artisan pâtisserie. Real ingredients, with real taste and not unnecessary additives.

After yours, what other street stalls/pop ups/supper clubs out there do you think are really good?

 Being on different types of markets, I had the chance to taste the food of various traders and I would like to recommend some traders that are not widely well-known but deserve a shout like Funky Chicken (@FunkyChickenVan), A Taste of Lanka (@atasteoflanka), Chef Kreyol (@Chef_Kreyol), Life and Chocolate (@lifeandchoc) or the Malaysian Pancake Company (@malaysiapancake)

Do you have a food blog? Who is your favourite food blogger? What positive effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?

My blog is called Food For Thoughts. Started as a diary to tell my progress while realising the dauting task of catering for a hundred people at the Parliament for the London Wildlife Trust anniversary, it then evolved as a recipe blog with also some reviews on coffee shops, restaurants that I like. I also love to read the following blogs : Annalise’s “Completely delicious”  and Sneige’s “Orange Thyme” and various others French blogs.

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?

I sometimes trade as a Korean street food trader (I know, you can call me crazy), so I would have to say Korean food for sure! There’s not enough kimchi in this world for me!!


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