PanDan Bakery will bring Malaysian-inspired cakes to #FBC15 #strEATParty!

We are delighted to announce that PanDan Bakery (@pandanbakery) will be at #FBC15 #strEATParty!


PanDan Bakery is a family run baking business aiming to bring delicious Malaysian-inspired cakes and bakes to Londoners!

PanDan Bakery believes that the taste and texture of cakes are of the upmost importance. They bake one of the lightest and softest of cakes, the chiffon sponge, a traditional South-east Asian treat, which they have made available in four flavours including their signature flavour, pandan.

Pandan itself is a fragrant plant and its floral essence is widely found in South-East Asian cuisine; however it is still relatively rare on the London cake scene. Along with chiffon cakes, they also use pandan in other products to put an exotic twist on classic recipes, such as our pandan cupcakes and brioche.

Brixton Market 9

Connecting Brands

Industry Partner FBC15

How did you hear about FBC? Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year and how you will be featuring your product/brand/business to connect with the community of bloggers?

We heard about FBC while researching some of the best places to raise the profile for new products for street traders. We are excited to be able to promote our bakes and to get on-the-spot feedback from foodbloggers to help improve the quality of what we offer. We hope to use social media to both directly and indirectly pass on our message to as many people as possible.

What other events/markets/pop ups/supper clubs do you take part in throughout the year? Are there any you fully recommend?

You can find us at Tottenham Green market ( N15 4RY), Chesnuts market (N15 3AS) and occasionally at Portobello Penny Market ( W10 5SA) and Brixton Market (Sw9 8PD).


Tell us a little bit about who you are. Your influence and your inspirations? How did you get started? Is there any great story behind why you set up your business? Why have you chosen this route and what do you love most about street food and trading?

The PanDan Bakery is a family affair started after years of observation that my wife’s cakes and bakes were at least as good as – and usually much better than – many of things that we’d buy from shops year in, year out. Fast forward 20 + years (and cutting a very long story short), I left my “regular job” (I am a qualified experienced pharmacist  to promote the business full-time as I have such great faith in our range of produce.

Being a street market trader has given us the opportunity to find out straight away what consumers like, what they don’t like, and how to make our bakes more attractive. It’s not so pleasant when the weather is cold and raining but we forget about that when warm weather makes an appearance.

The thing I love most? It’s the expression on someones face when they try one of our bakes and there’s a taste explosion in their mouth!! They are pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised by our bakes. Result !!!

If you could cook for anyone – dead or alive, cook/ celebrity/ public figure – anyone! Who would it be and why?

Probably my mother and father, neither of whom are with us any longer. Reason : to get their approval (hopefully) and to see the expression on their faces when they discover how my working life has changed.

How can bloggers help and or work with street traders? What’s the best thing a blogger can do for you? What are you hoping to get out of showcasing to bloggers at FBC?

Best thing a blogger could do? It’s not really their job but from my perspective, if they discover or know of an opportunity to trade at a market or event in which I might “fit” then I would be grateful if they could let me know asap. And, if we make something that is really good then please do spread the word long and loud.


How do you plan to stay true to your brand, while expanding in the future? If you are a street food trader, what challenges do you think traders face in establishing their set ups and achieving success? 

Success will bring competition naturally as others try to recreate your winning formula. The main challenge however is to maintain a consistently high quality of food and not to drastically cut corners in an attempt to boost profit margins.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the street trader scene? 

Do your homework, make sure you cover yourself legally ( insurance, council permits, hygiene etc) and HAVE FAITH in your products. Success doesn’t ( usually) come overnight and any business gains may be after a long hard slog. It will take you at least 6 months to know what you’re doing and to get a useable working routine together so don’t give up after a few bad weeks. Make sure you have someone reliable that you can unload and bounce ideas off.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

A small sprinkling of lightly toasted shredded coconut- it improves almost every meal – sweet or savoury.




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