Meet Lebanese Blogger @BreadonButter at #FBC15!

Meet Lynn, Lebanese food, travel and lifestyle blogger behind Bread On Butter (@breadonbutter) trekking in from Beirut to join her first #FBC15! 
DSC_0197-200x300 Is blogging your full time job? If not, what is your day job? Would you like to become a full time blogger and focus your professional career in this area? 

I work as a freelance online marketing consultant, copywriter and editor. Most of the time I work from home, unless a client requires I work from their office during a project. I live with my husband in Beirut, Lebanon. We cook a lot and love to travel whenever we get the chance. I spend half of my day working on my blog, writing, cooking, photography, meeting people for possible collaborations and attending relevant events where I meet a lot of fellow bloggers and brand representative. My goal is to become a full time blogger and focus on food and travel writing. I think brands should collaborate more with influential bloggers.

What first motivated you to blog and how has blogging changed your life?What’s your ultimate blogging dream – where do you plan to take it in the future? What are your future aspirations – both for the blog and for any related activity? 

My love for writing drove me to start my blog. Writing about food and travel came naturally as we cook and travel all the time. Blogging has made me want to improve constantly and set goals I work hard to achieve. My ultimate blogging dream is to inspire readers around the globe and eventually make it a book as well as develop a product line.

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What’s your signature dish?
Asian food is my favourite one to cook. One of my favourite recipes from my blog is a ramen:


What’s the most unusual restaurant you have ever eaten at?
The most unusual restaurant I’ve ever eaten at is a stuffed mussel place in a narrow street in Istanbul. I’ve travelled everywhere with food as a guide 🙂

If you had to eat one country’s traditional dish for a year, what would it be?
I would eat vegetable curry for a year straight.

What would be your last meal on earth?
My last meal on earth would be a mix of all the things I love, cooked into one creative dish!

How do you shop for food – supermarkets, farmer market, local shops, online etc? What are your thoughts on the decline of supermarkets and the future of our grocery shopping habits?
I mostly shop for food at local shops and try to visit farmer markets when there are ones in Beirut. I think we’re moving back to everything healthy and picking better quality ingredients.

What blogging trends are you enjoying at the minute? Do you follow trends religiously or are you most interested in setting new trends yourself, a bit of both, or do you ignore them all together?

I don’t really follow trends in blogging. I’m noticing the gluten-free and organic food trend online but I’m still shaping my opinion about the subject.
Have supper clubs now had their day or is this just the start of bigger things to come?
I think supper clubs ought to become bigger in order for those online communities to become real.

Finish this sentence: “For me, the ultimate food heaven is …”What’s your idea of food hell?
For me, the ultimate food heaven is a simple huge bowl of olive oil and garlic pasta My idea of food hell is something without any spices.

Food Blog CookbooksHow many cookbooks do you own? What attributes make a good cookbook for you? What cookbooks have you added to your collection recently? Which cookbook do you return to time and time again?
I own dozens of cookbooks. A good cookbook is one that doesn’t make you feel like the recipe is impossible to make. I’ve just added “a change of appetite” by Diana Henry and I constantly return to “Seasons” by Donna Hay.

Does the proliferation of food programmes on TV aid or hinder your quest to develop and sustain a food blog?  In what way? What are your thoughts on the future of TV and on vlogging? What would your ideal youtube channel cover? 
 Food programmes on TV aid my quest to sustain a food blog as it shows me there are endless ways to interpret recipes and use ingredients. TV shows are taken over by youtube and vlogging, which I think are addictive and could inspire the audience if done correctly. Otherwise, it could be a waste of productivity. My ideal youtube channel cover would be videos that could help in the evolution and development of everyday life, teaching useful things fast.

Celebrity chefs who use their profile for the greater good or to make us all eat healthily – is that a good thing or an annoying publicity stunt?
Celebrity chefs using their profile to make us all eat healthy is a good thing as it helps raise awareness on all the junk we’re having daily. My favourite celebrity chef is Jamie Oliver, as cliche as it sounds, because his recipes are easy, delicious and healthy at the same time. He also transmits happiness vibes.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef and / or favourite food writer? Why?
My favourite food writer must be Matt Preston, for his experience and smart judgement.

You’re given the opportunity to cook for anyone – dead or alive, real or fictional, chef, celebrity, royalty, public figure – anyone! Who would it be and why? What would you make them?
If I was given the opportunity, I would cook for Hugh Grant and J.K. Rowling as I feel there would be great conversation around that dinner table! I would make them a roast chicken full of flavours, a special quiche and a baba au rhum
Do you have a favourite kitchen tool or appliance – either a new addition or a trusted old favourite?  What’s on your wish-list right now?
My favourite kitchen appliance is a blender handle. On my wishlist, I’m dreaming of Latin America.
What other influences or interests would you say make for a great food blog – travel, fashion, tech, lifestyle? How is your lifestyle shaped by food? How is your lifestyle shaped by blogging? Does blogging shape your approach to food and what you eat now?
Travel and lifestyle complete a food blog as it is all related. Food shapes my life in a way that I try to constantly discover new ingredients as well as their benefits, then transform them into a new and easy recipe. Blogging shapes my life as I constantly think about how I will be presenting all the things I do to my readers. It also shapes my approach to food and how I eat now for the same reason food shapes my lifestyle.
To achieve a successful blog what comes first – the dishes, the styling, the photography or the words?
To achieve a successful blog, the dishes, styling, photography and words have to all be of great quality to provide great content and inspire readers.
Which other bloggers do you follow most closely? Tell us something you’ve learned from reading other blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?
I follow two American lifestyle bloggers closely: and I learnt you can work with your favourite brands and represent them to your readers.
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