Meet Chef Tom – Feeding Bloggers Lunch at FBC Dubai

We are delighted to welcome Tomas Reger (@TomTheChef), a freelance chef based in Dubai who will be catering the weekend lunch during FBC Dubai’s Writing & Food Photography Workshop !

Chef Tom Golden Toque winner

Originally from the Czech Republic, he grew up in a small historical town of Kromeriz and has always liked cooking, but knew that to learn more, he’d have to travel.

Tom began his culinary career in London as an apprentice in a Chinese kitchen and worked his way up; leading their kitchen as a head chef within a year. It was a tough job but well worth it with the opportunity to understand the flavours and techniques which he still uses today.

Tom left to work in fine dining restaurants to learn a different type of cuisine and service. Based on the reputation of his work in the UK he was offered to start an Asian restaurant in Dubai – Steam sum dim sum in 2007 which led him to start up his own business as a free lance chef and chef consultant under “Tomas Reger Food Consultants” in 2010


The freedom gained allowed him to work on some very interesting projects including Sky Bar in Beirut, Jasmine room and Le Sushi bar and most notably the first pop up restaurant in Beirut – “The Junkyard” in Mar Mikhael last year.

Tom has also been featured in RagMag, on 2FamousTV and with No Garlic No Onion

Now based in Dubai and part of the food community, Tom mostly concentrates on private dinners, bespoke experiences such as Secret suppers with Lime and Tonic and helping restaurants with their menu – be it an existing or new concept.

You can also follow Chef Tom online and on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates on his upcoming projects


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