Bake With Maria at #FBC5

Welcome Maria from Bake with Maria who will be giving everyone a short  and simple demonstration with effective methods for baking bread from scratching – helping FBC attendees learn the simple pleasure of baking a homemade load of bread during the Friday opening ceremony with a chance to taste it in at the Afternoon Tea as well!!

From a very early age, Maria (@bakewithmaria) has always had a passion for baking. After successfully teaching smaller baking courses from her kitchen table under the name of ‘Bake with Maria’ for the past three years, Maria decided to take the next step and open up her own baking school. Maria is a home baker at heart who, through courses both abroad and in the UK (including a course with the Master Baker Andrew Whitley, one of the founders of The Real Bread Campaign) and many hours of practical training, has gained skills in baking and teaching.

Located in St Johns Wood, North London, The BAKING LAB is the base for all ‘Bake with Maria’ classes and events and offers a unique program of baking courses and cooking experiences. So whether you are a baking novice or a keen home baker, Maria Mayerhofer and her team offer a wide variety of classes such as ‘Introduction to Bread Making’, ‘French Croissants’, and ‘Macaron Baking’.

All the classes are run in a relaxed and informal manner, in a welcoming environment for teaching bread and cake baking. Organized around a large communal table, the space is designed to host groups of up to ten people. All classes are hands-on and students are provided with all the ingredients and equipment needed for their class.

Bake with Maria also runs an annual class at her Tuscan base in Lucca. The class is a four day cooking adventure in Villa Boccella, a beautiful luxury villa surrounded by the glorious Tuscan landscape. Under expert instruction from chef Pino Ficara you will learn how to make a complete Italian dinner using Italian cooking techniques. Maria Mayerhofer will teach you the secrets of how to make Focaccias and Ciabattas using the Villa’s wood fired oven, working with sourdough as well as the original Italian Biga dough. The course is suitable for couples, friends and singles. The common factor being the love of good food.

One of the core values at The Baking Lab is to source organic products and to help people discover how easy and enjoyable it is to make highly nutritious and delicious breads and baked goods. The baking classes have a strong social element and offer people a chance to enjoy all the benefits that baking together can bring. It is a shared sensory experience with aroma, taste, touch and visual delight of the final result.

Maria says: “People today are becoming more aware of what they eat and where their food comes from. There is a trend towards a “back to the roots, do it yourself” mentality when it comes to food. The benefits of home-baking are substantial.”

Bake with Maria has formed partnerships with high quality brands such as KitchenAid, Shipton Mill, Kvadrat and to make sure that the best equipment and ingredients are available to the students.



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