Let’s Eat With Ellen! – Get to know Ellen Manning at #FBC15!

We are joined today by first time attendee Ellen Manning (@eatwithellen), prolific food blogger from Rugby, who has a passion for travelling, healthy eating but also plenty of treats:

Ellen Manning Eat with Ellen

What are you looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year?
I haven’t attended FBC before but it looks like a great opportunity to meet fellow foodies and food bloggers, learn loads, improve my blog, and generally have a great time.

Is blogging your full time job?
Blogging’s not my full-time job, I’m a journalist by trade, currently working in telecoms. I’d love to become a full-time blogger but I know it will take patience, time and hard work. I’m looking forward to meeting people who have made it their full-time job to see how they did it.

Eat with Ellen Header

From where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
Anything food-related inspires me, obviously if it looks good and tastes good. Whether it’s meals at home, or out at restaurants.

What’s your signature dish?
I’m not sure if it’s my ‘signature’ dish, but the favourite recipe on my blog is this homemade breakfast pizza that I helped my brother make on a lovely family weekend. Breakfast + pizza + family = a fab meal.

Homemade Breakfast Pizza

Which other bloggers do you follow most closely?
I follow fellow Midlands food blogger Jo’s Kitchen, as well as Neils Healthy Meals and Lavender and Lovage.

Tell us something you’ve learned from reading other blogs you probably wouldn’t know otherwise?
I’ve learned lots about layout, and got ideas for pictures from other blogs. But basically everything I’ve learned about blogging is from looking at other people’s blogs and asking them questions.

Finish this sentence: “For me, the ultimate food heaven is …”
For me, the ultimate food heaven is a really great quality steak, cooked perfectly. Simple but delicious.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?
I am a massive fan of Marcus Wareing. I always thought he seemed the right balance of strict with understanding,and watching him on Masterchef, he seems to be a great mentor. I was lucky enough to meet him once and he really did come across like that – calm, kind, and friendly. Oh, and lovely eyes.



What’s on your blog/kitchen wish-list right now?
On my wish-list right now is a decent DSLR camera. I’ve been doing without for a while, but I’d love to get one so I can improve the standard of photography on my blog. In the kitchen I’m super keen to get a spiralizer. I know it’s all the rage, but I’m always looking for healthier alternatives to things like pasta, so I reckon it would be a winner in my kitchen.


How is your lifestyle shaped by food? Is your lifestyle shaped by blogging?
My lifestyle pretty much revolves around food. I’m lucky that my husband shares my passion, so most special occasions involve food, whether it’s at home or out and about. Blogging has become a huge part of that and part of mealtimes are certainly given over to pictures, discussions, and opinions that will be reflected in the blog. After all, if it’s your passion you don’t just leave it at the door, do you?


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