Learn How To Create Cooking Apps at #FBC5 with Appetico

We are proud to welcome Silke and Christoph from Appetico!  They’ll be speaking about their new app and getting feedback from bloggers – just one great example of the innovation at #FBC5 to connect bloggers and industry folk!

Appetico (@appetico) is a publishing software for cook apps which allows authors to create their own high quality interactive app easily.  By enabling independent publishing, appetico provides a new way to monetize food content.  Each author gets their own app and can publish paid issues within the app regularly. The app runs on iPhones and iPads, as well as android smartphones and tablets.  The beautifully designed apps are packed with special features for cooking like an integrated kitchen timer and visual step­by­step instructions.


Founders Silke (@silke_appetico) and Christoph (@c_neijenhuis) are real foodies and love to create and design digital user experiences! They will present appetico, their publishing software for cook apps at #FBC5. The team will also show you why every food blogger needs to and how every food blogger is able to create high quality interactive cook apps.

Silke and Christoph founded appetico in the summer of 2012 after they noticed that most of the cookbook publishers just transform their existing content into apps, but readers on mobile devices expect more than static content. So they started creating their own solution which became appetico. Today, after a lot of coding, designing and testing, they have built a software which makes creating beautiful apps easy. Nicole from the Vegan Nom Noms blog published the first cook app with appetico recently. Check out The Vegan Nom Noms Cook App here .



Silke with a Bachelor Degree in Business Communication is responsible for Marketing, Design and Business Development.


Christoph with a Masters Degree in Software Engineering, is responsible for the Product and Software Development.




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  1. Food Blogger Connect (@bloggerconnect) June 11, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Learn How To Create Cooking Apps at #FBC5 with Appetico http://t.co/jIrKvuXave #latestnews

  2. Fuss Free Helen (@FussFreeHelen) June 11, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

    RT @bloggerconnect: 🙂 RT @appetico: Looking forward to present @appetico at #FBC5 on July 7th! http://t.co/tl25FxwLT9

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