La Costena Heat Up #FBC14 Goodie Bags with MexTrade!

We’re excited to heat up the FBC goodie bags with a range of peppers this year and the opportunity to discover more about Mextrade (@LaCostenaUK @Mextrade1)!

Costena logo 450pxMextrade began in 2010 to bridge the gap of finding authentic Mexican food and ingredients in England.

Mexican food has been rapidly rising in popularity in the last few years and the British public are responding to it really positively. We are the sole importers of La Costeña, the leading Mexican brand for beans and a canned chile peppers. La Costeña beans are like Heinz baked beans for Brits. Comfort food to the max. From our office in Mexico we source all the best ingredients, from canned goods, ready made salsas and sauces, to tortillas and dried chilies amongst other things.


chipotle 450pxHow did you hear about FBC?

We heard about FBC through twitter and were delighted to be approached to be involved with this year’s event. For us it is a great chance to connect with people who are passionate about food and to promote authentic Mexican flavours. We are excited to offer products for the goody bag for attendees to enjoy.

How can other non registered bloggers get their hands on your product?

Our website is full of information about our products, since we understand that authentic Mexican food is something rather new to the UK. We are currently working on providing blog posts and recipes to make it easier for people to ‘Mexicanize’ their palate. Our products are available in and around London and we are working on setting up a marketplace on our website so that people all over the UK can purchase our products. Coming soon! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Are you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs?Sliced jalapeno 450px

We love to follow food, travel and lifestyle blogs and would really like to connect with more bloggers to work with them. There are a number of great Mexican food blogs but not so many in the UK, so connections to any Mexican food bloggers that we are unaware of would be fantastic.

We would be very open to giving samples in return for recipe creations or reviews. We currently work with Mexico Retold who is a Brit living in Mexico writing about her love of the country. We really value the work of Diana Kennedy, an authority on Mexican cooking. Mexigeek is also doing great work in bringing Mexican recipes and ideas to Scotland.

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

Using Twitter we have been able to connect with a wide range of Mexico bloggers and other food bloggers alike. We are currently working on increasing our outreach through Facebook too. In addition we will be creating our own blog and intend to use it to inspire other bloggers to use more Mexican ingredients and to connect and collaborate with us.

DonaChinita-04-chipotle-pepperWhat positive effect are food, travel, or lifestyle bloggers having on the industry? 

Food, travel and lifestyle blogs are part of the reason that Mexican food (as well as food from all corners of the world) are being recognized and eaten in the UK. We believe that great photography and accessible recipes make for a great blog. It also helps if bloggers are able to link to where ingredients are available, especially when some of the ingredients are hard to source. We are loving the upward trend in popularity of authentic Mexican food and we are looking forward to sharing even more authentic ingredients and recipes with the British public in 2014. Mexican gastronomy is diverse and there is still so much to share in the UK.

Have a quirky note to share with the blogging community?

Did you know that avocados, chocolate and jalapeño peppers all originate from Mexico and their names come from indigenous Mexican words?

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

The food we would like to eat more often is Birria, a spicy Mexican meat stew that is very typical from our home state of Jalisco and Tortas Ahogadas, another dish from Guadalajara (the capital of Jalisco state). Torta Ahogada literally means drowned sandwich, because the crusty roll sandwich, filled with pork meat is ‘drowned’ in a spicy red chilli sauce.



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