Introducing Emma-Jane from Cakes and Catwalks!

Welcome Emma-Jane (@CakesCatwalks), the Kent blogger behind Cakes and Catwalks – her combination baking and craft blog.  She told us about her blog and attending #FBC5

What are you most looking forward to about #FBC5?

Meeting other foodie bloggers and picking up new blogging tips and ideas.

What motivated you to blog about food and how has food blogging changed your life?

I’ve always enjoyed baking, I started my blog a couple of years ago as a way of sharing my recipes with friends and things have grown from there.

Do you blog full time or, if not, what’s your day job? What does your family/partner think of your blog?

I used to work in marketing but I now run my own business creating bespoke cakes for weddings and events – and teaching cupcake decoration workshops. My boyfriend is very supportive of my blog and has given me some really useful constructive criticism – he is also responsible for taste-testing a lot of my projects – a very important job!

What are your future aspirations for the blog? From where do you get inspiration and who taught you to cook?

At the moment I’m using my blog to record my ideas, share recipes and network, I’d love to turn it into part of my business and start making money from it. My earliest cooking lessons were learnt watching my mum in the kitchen as a toddler, although most of my baking skills I’ve taught myself in adulthood.

How many cookbooks do you own? Who is your favourite celebrity chef and and who is your favourite food writer? Why?

I have more cookbooks and recipe cards than I can count – but I usually end up using Google as a resource as you can always find images with the recipes. Mary Berry is (of course) a favourite of mine, I realised a while ago that I almost exclusively only try recipes which have been photographed in cookbooks, so I’m baking my way through all of the un-photographed recipes in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible to find out how far my expectations of a recipe are usually based on photographs!

What’s your signature dish? If you want us to feature your favourite recipe from your own blog, include the link here!

I have so many favourite cake recipes, but I’d have to say my favourite recent creation has to be more decorative – my vintage brooch biscuits.



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    Introducing Emma-Jane from Cakes and Catwalks! #latestnews

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    RT @bloggerconnect: Meet Emma-Jane @CakesCatwalks who will be at #FBC5 Hope she’s bringing some of these with her

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