Introducing Dorshi at #FBC5 StrEAT Party

We are delighted to announce that Dorshi (@dorshicatering) will be dishing up a variety of their pearl barley sushi at the #FBC5’s StrEAT party.

So, just who are you?
Well we’re Dorshi and we are hoping to bring a whole new eating experience to the UK! We have a mixed foodie background at Dorshi. I’m Radhika & I’m Malaysian and my business partner, Jolly is from rural Dorset but spent his formative years in New York. Together our eclectic love of socially-conscious food is what makes Dorshi such a unique concept.

It’s a fantastical re-imagining of classic East Asian cuisine. Pearl barley sushi, organic pork dumplings, fresh seasonal salads and nettle soups. Eastern recipes meet real south-west produce making for a ridiculously healthy and delicious menu!

What inspired you to start?
A lack of good sushi places near us. Waitrose and Marks & Spencer just wasn’t an authentic option!

And where do you see it going?
The bigger picture for us is to open Dorshi Deli’s. A combination of food, drink, music and relaxation. Where we are really able to flex our fusion repertoire to the fullest!

Tell us a bit about food from your stall?
Everything is organic and mostly sought from friends’ farms and local suppliers. So apart from the Nori (seaweed) ALL other ingredients come from within West Dorset. We mainly serve pearl barley sushi with two veg, meat & fish options. We also do some interesting sides such as organic pork mince & blue vinney gyoza, nettle soups and pearl barley salads. We make all our own dips & dressings including our special soy sauce (minus the soy!)

What does it mean to you?
Like most food ventures we were trying to recreate something that wasn’t readily available. We wanted healthy, affordable East Asian food. So it means a lot to us share our exciting creations. It’s not molecular gastronomy, it’s just good food with an artistic flair! For us it’s about making delicious food with what’s available around you. And really we’re just excited to share what we’ve found!

What makes the food you serve so special?
There is literally nothing quite like it on the street-food market right now. And once our customers have got past the novelty of the idea most have acquired a taste for it which makes them come back for more! It’s the mixture of something “exotic” like sushi with comforting ingredients such as pulled ham and piccalilli.

After your stall, what other street stalls/pop ups/supper clubs out there do you think are really good?
To be honest, we only come across the more adventurous food outlets when we are in London or at festivals. Here in Bridport, Jalopy Pizza has a real commitment to honest good food with a loyal fan base for almost 5 years now. The other food stall that blew our mind was “Gandhi’s Flip Flop”, who you may find at some bigger music festivals (Festival 6 for example). They make the most amazing south-indian vegetarian thali’s. Worth hunting them down!

Do you have a food blog?
Not right now. I did have one for about a year or so. It’s still there, if you fancy some edible-musings.

Who is your favourite food blogger?
We don’t really have a favourite, but there are a few we like to peruse mostly for inspiration. We’re simple, we just love ogling food-porn. And the blogs that keep drawing us back are “whatkatieate” “spoonforkbacon” and “houseofannie” which has lots of good tips on south-east asian cooking.

Tell us why you want to take part in FBC5.
Again, it’s to bring our quirky authentic take on asian-english food to a much bigger (widely-read/heard) audience. We really hope that everyone there will find our food as exciting and delicious as we do.

What effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?
Definitely raising the awareness of the kind of food that is out there. Exposing the backstreets of the food world. Especially in England where the common mis-conception is that good food is either posh and pretentious or made in family kitchens around an Aga. This is of course not true. British cuisine is rapidly gaining a more positive identity by becoming more worldy and better defined. To that end, it’s good to see the street-food and pop-up scene being so positively highlighted. There are a number of food bloggers who have made it their mission to keep the public informed about the best of what is out there, in their city.

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?
Wow I don’t think we really know. From what we’ve observed around our area, provenance of food and a commitment to serving organic produce is definitely a celebrated trend and one to keep encouraging.


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