Innovate Your Recipes with Silikomart Silicone Moulds from Italy at #FBC15!

From Venice to London, we are proud to showcase brand partner SILIKOMART (@Silikomart1) silicone moulds at #FBC15 in each goodie bag!
Silikomart is a young and dynamic company based in Venice (Italy) specialised in production of silicone moulds and accessories for the creative pastry and baking, chocolate, cake design and much more.
Silikomart offers a wide range of refined and innovative products, with a functionality, practicality and beauty which meet the needs of all the people who love to bake.
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Silikomart products have a reputation for enhanced design and are renowned for their high quality silicone and MADE IN ITALY production. The company was born in 2002 from a strong belief on the potentialities of the silicone. This material is in fact extremely flexicle and resistant to temperatures ranging from -60°C (-76°F) to +230°C (+446°F), which make the silicone moulds extremely versatile since suitable for use in the oven, the fridge and the freezer.
What distinguishes Silikomart is its ongoing research of what is new. We work hard everyday to develop new ideas and we watch the market trends with curious eyes, trying to anticipate them and to offer our customers products that could help them to make their baking experience even more exciting.
How did you hear about FBC?
We received an email informing us about the event. We would like to take part to the event because it seemed very interesting and smart and because nowadays it is pivotal to make a product known by bloggers and influencers!
We think that being acquainted with the blogs and the trends is very important for having good knowledge of the ideas and the trends and will feature our product through the infamous goodie bags!

Where can FBC attendees and fellow bloggers find your products it if they wanted to order them or connect with you?
They can have all the information on our web site ( where all our products are featured
and where it is also possible to order. For all information, it is possible to write to our customer care:
Are you a fan of food, travel, lifestyle blogs?
As a company specialised in the production of silicone moulds for baking, we understand deeply the importance of following blogs to be acquainted with all the new trends and ideas. In particular, we follow food blogs, being careful to be updated on the new trends on baking in general.
If coordinated, companies and blogs can do a great job together because the companies can create products that are really useful for customers. We collaborate with many bloggers around Europe though not the UK right now. When we search for a blog we look at different aspects: content, pictures, frequency of the posts, visibility of the blogger and so on. From reading of the blogs, you always learn a lot: you can understand techniques but also you can see how people react to a post, in so understanding what they like more and what they like less.
How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?
Nowadays the blogs are strictly connected with social medias, these big “contents” of ideas where people spend a lot of time. Thanks to them we discover new blogs and, consequently, we get in touch with a wide audience. Facebook in particular help us to reach a lot of people very easily and quickly.

What positive effect are food, travel, or lifestyle bloggers having on the industry? What do you 
value in a blog?
Bloggers have a great effect on the industry because they create a discussion, and sometimes they also create
new needs their followers. From our experience, to achieve a successful blog it is pivotal to combine many elements, but it is sure that the photography has a great importance at the moment together with the recipe of course. It is also important to have a friendly attitude with the readers and interact with them.
If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why? 
We would recommend to eat healthy and good food!



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