Greg Malouf

Greg MaloufGreg’s reputation as driver of modern Middle Eastern food around the world.

Initially in Oz, where nowadays just about every single cafe and restaurant menu has something Middle Eastern nowadays, and more recently spreading world wide.     In 2012 the Michelin guide crowned his work with a Michelin star at the famed Petersham nurseries. UK.  His books and reputation have had an influence on people like Yotam Ottolenghi in the UK. Middle Eastern ingredients are now much more widely available – even in supermarkets you can get pomegranate molasses and spice blends like baharat. Ten years ago people had never heard of them.

His new restaurant in Dubai

Scheduled to open in September. Will be a venue for his modern take on Middle Eastern food. Might seem a bit like bringing coals to Newcastle, but Gulf States, like rest of Middle East, rather cautious and conservative when it comes to their own food. Hope the local populace will be as excited by Greg’s imaginative food as people in the West have been.

Greg’s and Lucy’s work together as authors

Although not married any more they still have a productive working/creative relationship writing food and travel books. Have written 6 so far – all highly regarded/award-winning etc. Currently working on a 7th, which will be modern Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian dishes o be published in November.



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