It’s Too Good To Be Gluten Free! #BringBack Pastry with @NOG_UK in #FBC14 Goodie Bags

Having trouble with gluten but can’t ditch pizza, pastry and everything you love about dough?! Us too! We’re delighted to partner with  Too Good To Be Gluten Free (@Nog_UK) to connect bloggers with their new range of gluten free savoury products, they’ll be sharing exciting ways for bloggers to connect with them in the goodie bags and #BringBackPastry!

NO.G_logoToo Good To Be Gluten Free (@Nog_UK) is a new range of gluten free products which has been launched to help the increasing number of people looking for free from products. According to new research from Coeliac UK, improving health is now the number one reason for people choosing gluten free products. One in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease, however only 10-15% of those individuals have been diagnosed – leaving an estimated 500,000 people in the UK undiagnosed.

Too Good To Be Gluten Free is the UK’s first chilled gluten free savoury pastry range and is a Coeliac UK registered product. Sam Benjamin of Too Good To Be Gluten Free said: “Gluten free is a rapidly growing sector and we spotted a gap in the market for high quality and great tasting products. “An increasing number of people can’t eat gluten and some of the things they really miss are pastry and pizza dough. We wanted to give them back the British food they love whether that’s a slow cooked beef pie, a sundried tomato & mozzarella pizza or an indulgent chocolate tart. “The secret is all in the pastry. We’ve spent over a year developing a special unique gluten free pastry that tastes wonderful.”

Cheese & Tomato Topped Frittata


Butternut, Spinach & Emmental PieWhat makes you excited to be taking part in FBC this year?

Too Good To Be Gluten Free is really excited about appearing at FBC. We are keen to hear from food bloggers who would like to sample and review our products. We will be promoting our launch range of NO.G products.

How can other non registered bloggers get their hands on your product?

Too Good To Be Gluten Free is stocked in Whole Foods Market stores and Selfridges in London.

 Any sample and media requests can be sent to Lucy Mason at MPG PR on Tel 0151 239 5050. Please note that the next phase of products in the range will be launching in the next couple of months so please keep in touch with us for future samples and reviews.

Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive of Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with coeliac disease, said: “Being able to purchase new gluten-free products is a top priority for people with coeliac disease, who must follow a strict gluten-free diet for life. In our Shopping Habits Survey 2012, more than 31 per cent of our Members stated they wanted more fresh, gluten-free savoury pastry products.” The NO.G range includes: Slow Cooked Beef & Mushroom Pie, Butternut, Spinach & Emmental Pie, Chorizo Topped

Tell us more about Coeliac UKFBC14-FoodBloggerConnect-Register-Today

Coeliac UK is the oldest and largest coeliac disease charity in the world and has been working for people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis since 1968. One in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease. The Charity works to improve their experience of healthcare, ensure their gluten-free diet is easy to manage and drive research which delivers new solutions to the problems of living with the condition. Visit the Coeliac UK website for further information. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten. Damage to the gut lining occurs when gluten is eaten. There is no cure or medication for the condition; the only treatment is a lifelong, strict gluten-free diet.

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

Crucial for the brand to engage with food bloggers!

Want to ‘connect’ with bloggers?

We’d love to hear from food bloggers about any ideas they have about the brand – perhaps future products that they would be keen to see? A dedicated website, official Facebook Fan page ‘noglutenuk’ and Twitter profile @nog_uk have all been launched to engage with gluten free bloggers.

Chocolate & Morello Cherry Tart

Have you got any tips, facts or ideas to share with the blogging community?

Celebrity fans of a gluten-free diet include: Gwyneth Paltrow – a fan of the wheat-free way which means no bread, pizza, pasta or cakes; Victoria Beckham – said to maintain her figure by sticking to a strict gluten-free diet; Miley Cyrus – “Everyone should try no gluten for a week,” she posted on her Twitter page. “The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. Chelsea Clinton – when she got married, her wedding cake was made without wheat to make it gluten-free; World renowned tennis player Novak Djokovic has said that going on a gluten-free diet improved his game due to the elimination of allergy symptoms; Carol Vorderman – has a gluten intolerance.


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