Getting to know Montse behind @SoBerryParis at #FBC15!

Meet Montse Flores of Berry Paris (@SoBerryParis), joining FBC for the first time in 2015! We are very much looking forward to share the FBC15 experience with her and spent a little time chatting with Montse before the event this September! Get to know her and connect at #FBC15

RAM_9166 copyWhat are you looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year?

I haven’t been to FBC previously, but I am willing to learn from the best, and take the maximum of this experience for networking and to grow positively.

Tell us a bit about what you get up to when you’re not working on your blog. Would you like to become a full time blogger and focus your professional career in this area?
As part of my job, I am a digital marketing specialist in a company where I manage another blog call L’Art de Vivre by LGH hotels, plus their social media, m-concierge and mobile campaigns.

I would love to become a full time blogger but I am starting so I need a lot of advice to make it run properly.

How do you think brands could work better with bloggers?
Companies should invite them to try their hotel, restaurants, products etc, connect with them in order to produce real quality reviews and articles, and not just that – but real stories about them and invite people to try them as well. Good real marketing campaigns with real people.

What’s your ultimate blogging dream – where do you plan to take it in the future?
I always like to write, take pictures, travel, taste different cultures, culinary arts and this is the perfect mix for a perfect passion, my dream is to become an influencer well known around the blog able to inspire people, become part of a distinguished club and why not release a unique book, after that considering having my own restaurant following the lifestyle I am promoting.Berry Paris

Which other bloggers do you follow most closely?
I follow FullyRaw and Chocolate and Zucchini they are awesome inspiration for me.

How do you shop for food?
I shop in markets, local shops and when i start having more money can’t wait to find a farmer market to get all my fresh food from them.

If you had to eat one country’s traditional dish for a year, what would it be?
I would eat wine and cheese from France / Pecking Duck from China / Enchiladas Mexico?

Can I eat those 3 for a year?

im-going-toWhat would be your last meal on earth?
My last meal would be the real green Enchiladas from Mexico with panel cheese, chicken and lettuce and cream on the top and some avocado slices.

What blogging trends are you enjoying at the minute? Do you follow trends religiously or are you most interested in setting new trends yourself, a bit of both, or do you ignore them all together?
I am willing to encourage people to live their own lifestyle, to live with what makes them feel good, encouraging and promoting healthy habits for mind body and soul.

Does the proliferation of food programmes on TV aid or hinder your quest to develop and sustain a food blog?
They aid as they inspire to cook. Tv for cooking I think is almost done, too many have the same information and too many people want to try their own type of food.

Celebrity chefs who use their profile for the greater good or to make us all eat healthily – is that a good thing or an annoying publicity stunt?
I encourage people to eat healthy so for me is not annoying because people has to realize that eating healthy is not boring, this believe has to change.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.49.18 AMWho is your favourite celebrity chef and / or favourite food writer?
Christina from Fully Raw she is an amazing writer and she does what she does with so much contagious passion.

You’re given the opportunity to cook for anyone – Who would it be and why?
If I could cook for anyone would be for Julia Child as her books are an amazing passion for paris food and the good traditional cooking.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool or appliance?
Yes! a SPIRALIZER, I bought one & its so easy to use, delicious healthy dishes from a lot of veggies transformed into pasta ribbons.

What’s on your wish-list right now?
A vitamix! and books – many books for raw food, thai, vegetarian, cheese, wine.

How is your lifestyle shaped by food?
My lifestyle is honestly shaped by food, it brings joy to my soul, writing about it makes me feel heard and makes me feel I can help people to follow steps or discover a road that maybe is what they need in their life right now.

Many thanks to Montse – We look forward to seeing you at FBC15!



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