Get a Taste of @CookingCooks at the #FBC14 strEAT Party!

The #FBC14 strEAT Party is buzzing’ with The Cooking Cooks Italian Kitchen (@cookingcooks) who will be serving their oh so delicious pasta and sauces!


We produce beautifully crafted fresh pasta, with an ever changing variety of different sauces, or stuffed pasta.

Francesco is from Italy and learnt to cook from an very young age, hence the italian influence in our business, we then met at Bocca Di Lupo and decided to start out on our own, we worked as private chefs traveling all over Europe; this experience gave us the confidence to start our own company, and now we are doing our own business for just over a year!

Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year

Our food is great and cooking is what we do well, we need help with the push and want to connect with bloggers!

in action

Where else can we find you?
We feature at a few festivals over the summer, such as wilderness and secret garden. We have a pub residency, but it is not a normal street food, we do pop ups as well, when the season is a little quieter.

Plans for the future?
We are slowly growing, gaining more experience, we are at the very beginning ideas of a pasta bar with a difference idea, but first we need some money and a lot of testing!

Do you work with any bloggers currently or plan to?

This is what we need help with! We love to chat and learn and this experience will be amazing for us to connect with bloggers!

pappardelleIf you could cook for anyone, who would it be?

The queen!!

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Fresh pasta from the Cooking Cooks 🙂

How can a successful restaurant or eatery grow and expand without losing it’s heart and soul and staying true to its food and ethos- any examples of any one who has achieved this?

A difficult question, as it can be done, but time and care is always needed, and when you become big, these things tend to be forgotten. If they can be retained then that is it!!



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