Meet the Peppermongers at the #FBC5 StrEAT Party

Childhood friends Tom and Pete will be bringing their business, Peppermongers (@peppermongers) to FBC5 this year. Sourced from across the world, the pair don’t serve up your run of the mill (sorry, it had to be done) pepper. 

Peppermongers is the premium pepper specialist founded in 2011 by Tom Alcott and Pete Gibbons. Found up pepper vines in the tropics or in delis, foodhalls and farmshops.

What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event?

You can expect some cracking pepper; the world’s best black pepper (Tellicherry), Comet Tailed Cubeb pepper, Sichuan Flower pepper and not forgetting the original Roman pepper – Long Pepper.

Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC5?

Blogs rule!

What inspired you to start your set-up? What are your future plans for it?

Where can you get great pepper? Why eat dust of pepper dust when you can have something with great pungency and aroma that adds flavour to everything… We will not rest until Peppermongers is in every peppermill in the land. We’re getting there – one peppercorn at a time

What does your set-up mean to you?

Peppermongers is about quality, about taste, about having fun with food and exploring flavour. Taste a Peppermongers pepper and you will never look at a peppercorn in the same way again.

What makes the product you serve so special?

Salt kills you. Pepper is a delicious, aphrodisiac flavoursome drupe that comes in an amazing variety of flavours. No contest.

After yours, what other suppliers out there do you think are really good?

There are loads of great small suppliers out there doing their great artisan, specialist thing. Better to master of one than generally poor. We salute the specialists.

Do you have a food blog? Who is your favourite food blogger? What positive effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?

A sporadically updated news section on We built the website ourselves in 2 days on a WordPress platform so we could blog away…

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?

Tewkesbury Mustard Balls are go.

The Earl of Gravy does a mean dumpling too.

Pepper has been trending for about 3000 years…


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