Get Crazy for Pasta at #FBC15 #strEATParty!

Meet the passionate and fresh feeders Crazy For Pasta (@crazyforpasta) at #FBC15!


Get a taste of authentic and Real FRESH ITALIAN HAND-MADE PASTA!
No additives, no conservants…!
100 % Genuine 100 % Fresh … !

Connecting Brands
street-feederWhat can FBC attendees expect from you at the event? 

We Make HANDMADE ITALIAN PASTA in front of your eyes, and we cook with our hand made sauces… The result ? AMAZING !

How did you hear about FBC? Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year and how you will be featuring your product/brand/business to connect with the community of bloggers?

We do a lot of events… So we are ready to offer you the best pasta in the world ! It’s a promise !


What other events do you take part in throughout the year? 

We are permanent 7 days a week in CAMDEN LOCK MARKET, and Brick Lane every Sunday !

Tell us a little bit about who you are. Your influence and your inspirations? How did you get started? Is there any great story behind why you set up your business? Why have you chosen thisroute and what do you love most about street food and trading?

I make Pasta for over 18 years… My first time was with my Grandma when I was 7 years old, she taught me everything, all the secrets for making good food… I am still using my grandma’s recipe!

What does your set-up mean to you? Where do you see your set-up in a year or five years? What challenges do you think traders face in establishing their set ups and achieving image2success? 

Yes, we open from street food, we learn how it is the marketing, we found the correct way… Now we are ready to open a Pasta shop… Very soon !

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the street trader scene?

Just be careful ! Do it but with love, follow your passion, make your best food… If you wanna go carry on ! It’s not just a Street Food… Love & Passion need to be in your stall !

If you could cook for anyone – dead or alive, cook/ celebrity/ public figure – anyone! Who would it be and why?

Anyone, I’ll be happy to serve my food, but I’m very happy when I serve the Pasta to big Chefs !


If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Crazy For Pasta every day !

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