#FBC14 Open Call for StrEAT Party Traders

Need to get the message out about your brand or product? See how #FBC14 is best poised to help you!

Food Blogger Connect is the world’s leading international food blogging conference and will take place over three days, June 6th, 7th and 8th 2014 bringing together people from across the UK and around the world to network, mingle, connect and discuss all things food while providing attendees with a feast they’ll struggle to forget, and street traders with a fantastic way to market and engage their business.

Over the space of the weekend, some of London’s most innovative and exciting street traders join in mass, serving up the kind of food that shows why the Capital is really starting to make a name for itself as a global food hub.

Attendees share their experience and offer a real time reflection of the event with reviews and a social media live blog timeline of a very special weekend! If you’re a company involved in the food and beverage industry and you’re looking for a fantastic way to promote your brand, then look no further.

As the largest and, of course, the best international food blogging conference in the world dedicated to bringing food bloggers and food industry folk together, this is a wonderful and unique opportunity to showcase what you are doing and to highlight your business amongst people who really know what they are talking about.

Not only is FBC a wonderful place for all the lucky food bloggers to satiate their raging appetites, while connecting and networking outside of the more studious confines of the conference classrooms, but it proves an invaluable way for food traders to cook up their delights to a captivating and powerful audience!

Of course, with some of the most authoritative voices in the food industry in attendance as well as those most adept at using social media (especially after taking in all they had learned from the weekend) it provides a unique opportunity for exposure. Through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, of course, the blogs themselves, news of our 2013 event quickly spread far and wide around the world with over 23 million Twitter impressions.

So, if you’re a food or beverage trader, a restaurant looking to do a pop-up, or even a chef wanting to get your name out there or demo your renowned dishes, we have the party for you! Hear what other traders, brands and bloggers had to say about participating at FBC in the video below and get in contact with us through info[at]foodbloggerconnect[dot]com to come play during our social hours to strut your stuff in front of some of the most influential bloggers from around the globe.!



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