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The countdown begins! FBC12 is just over two weeks away taking place the 28th – 30th of September at the Beaconsfield venue in Vauxhall, London and we couldn’t be more excited!

Our mantra has been bigger and better. As previously mentioned, FBC12 will be the first conference with the FBC Market, the perfect place for bloggers to network, mingle and connect. However, FBC12 isn’t just about connecting with other bloggers and industry folk from around the world. It’s also about learning new skills and realising how to get the most out of your food blog, whether it’s merely an idea waiting to be launched, a hobby or a full-blown career.

So, with that in mind, one of the things we’re looking forward to most is the unbelievable speakers leading the FBC12 workshops. While the Pen to Paper writing workshop, with the imitable Diane Jacob and the Food Photography & Styling workshop with Ellen Silverman have already SOLD OUT, there are still a few spaces left in the other workshops.

So make sure you hurry and get your name down for these special add-ons before the conference starts.

How, you ask? To register for FBC12 & add-on workshops follow this link http://fbc12.eventbrite.com/ and select a Full Weekend Access Pass (£299). Once you register, or if you are already registered,  you can go back and add-on your workshops of choice, just follow the prompts listed in your registration email.
Artificial Light Photography Workshop with David Griffen £35 add-on

Being able to take great photographs in the day is one thing though sometimes, that natural light just isn’t there. That’s where David Griffen comes in with his Artificial Light Photography workshop. Originally Australian, he moved to the UK eight years ago. As you can imagine, the lack of sunlight was a major shock but he set to learn how to make the best of it. Now, having worked with some of the top chefs and hotels in the business, including the likes of Nathan Outlaw, Tom Aikens and Rick Stein to name a few, he’ll be showing you how best to take photos using artificial light sources. With a great understanding of social media, he’ll also show you how you can use photographs to increase the traffic coming to your site.





Showtime! Vblogging Workshop with Elena Parker £49 add-on

As anyone who knows us will attest, at FBC12 we’re also pretty keen on taking advantage of all the new technology on offer. As such, for those looking to get into the wonderful world of video blogging then Elena Kathryn Parker’s Showtime! Vblogging workshop is a must. In 2009, she co-wrote and co-produced HBO’s award nominated Make Me Young Documentary and in handling the videography for Food52, was nominated for best video content at Saveur’s ‘2011 Best Food Blog Awards’ . She’ll be teaching you how to set up the shoot, mic-up, import, edit with sound overlay, slides, music and effects and publish to the web using just an iPhone or point and click camera.




‘Buy Me’ Branding Workshop with Yvonne Fuchs £35

Having a great blog is one thing, but knowing exactly how to brand both your site and yourself can be just as important. With that in mind, Yvonne Fuchs ‘Buy Me’ Branding workshop will point you in the right direction. Twice nominated for Business Advisor of the Year and winner of the One to One Best for Business Awards, she has over 10 years experience as a business coach and has just published her first book, What’s the Difference That Makes the Difference. She’ll help you understand what defines your brand and how to portray your message without limiting yourself. Learn what it takes to take your brand from concept to launch and what is behind a brand strategy. Come out with renewed understanding of how brands actually work without the smoke and mirrors and therefore be able to develop or reinvigorate your own brand or the brands you represent.
Kickin’ in the Doors of Media Workshop with Susan Grossman £35

Of course, as any writer, journalist or photographer will tell you, trying to get your work published isn’t just about being talented and having great ideas. The daily grind of pitching and getting that all important foot in the door is key. Well, that’s where Susan Grossman can help you out with her Kicking in Doors of Media workshop. With a long and varied career, including over 25 years as a freelance writer, there aren’t many more qualified on the subject. Now, she trains media professionals and aspiring writers in all aspects of getting published and she’ll be showing you how to find, approach, pitch and sell yourself to editors and land your food, travel, recipe or photography features in magazines with sample pitches to critique and take away.




So, with all that in mind, what’s the point in waiting any longer. Register today to find out how to make the very most out of your food blog and come away from FBC12, not just with a belly full of food, a host of new friends, but also a head bursting with ideas about how to maximise your potential and head in the direction that you really want to.



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