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After the months and months of planning that went into the event, FBC12 is, sadly, done and dusted. The food stalls have been packed away, the tables and chairs have been cleared and the food bloggers have headed back to all the different corners of the world from whence they came. Yet, while FBC12 may be over, it was a weekend, which will remain long in the memory.

Bigger and better had been our mantra going forward this year and testament to that were the 100 attendees who descended on the wonderful Beaconsfield venue – a converted Ragged School in Vauxhall.

However, unlike the previous residents of the school, catering to London’s most destitute, no one in attendance left hungry. Indeed, with the plethora of incredible street food traders who made up our very firstFBC Market, the opposite was more of an issue.

After consuming delights from the likes of Toma Mexicana, Mother Flipper, Gurmetti, Pasta e Basta, Bel & Brisket, Vinn Goute, Cook in a Curry, Tongue ‘n Cheek, Russian Revels, Pistachio Rose and more besides, it was little wonder anyone managed to fit through the door on their way out.

Add to that the wonderful people from Vitamix, who made the trip all the way from Ohio with the celebrated Chef Bev. Throughout the weekend they demonstrated how to make an incredibly healthy and nutritional variety of soups, smoothies, ice creams and even custards, all made in the same physics-defying blender. Who knew that Baileys and cabbage was such a fantastic combination?


Of course, all that food needed something to wash it down, and, thankfully, Wines of Lebanon, along with Vestal Vodka, Whisk, Cawston Press, Joe’s Tea Company, Yeo Valley, Nespresso, Good Heavens Yoghurt and One Difference water were all on hand to quench our thirsty guests.

Yet, if the weekend sounds as if it was just about eating, drinking and socialising, well, that’s only partially true. It was also about learning, honing new skills and furthering the careers of those passionate about food.

With esteemed international speakers as Diane Jacob, author behind “Will Write for Food”, Ellen Silverman, photographer of Gwyneth Paltrow’s debut cookbook, Felicity Cloak of the Guardian, and Silvana de Soissons of The Foodie Bugle, to name just a few, giving a selection of interesting and informative workshops and sessions, it was a unique opportunity for bloggers to learn from the best; those who really know what they’re talking about.

Don’t forget the FBC12 goodie bags either, choc-a-bloc with fantastic food and drink giveaways. With Steenbergs, Maldon Sea Salt, Al Fez spice pastes, Freekehlicious freekeh, Montezumas chocolate and Arganic argan oil just some of the tasty treats inside, people will be dining out on it for weeks to come. Throw in some Gonzalez Byass Rioja, Innis & Gunn stout, and Bellini peach spritzer and it’s almost worth attending just to take it home!

None of this would have been possible with out all our wonderful sponsors and we can’t thank them enough!

FBC Sponsors & Goodie Bags: Vitamix, Wines of Lebanon, Steenbergs Organic, Moo, Omar Niode Foundation, Al’Fez, FreekehliciousBetter Breakfast Week, Donald Russell, Maldon Sea Salt, Arganic, Gonzalez Byass Rioja, Innis & Gunn, Cawston Press, Good Heavens Yogurt, Joe’s Tea Co.Whisk, Yeo Valley, NuffNangX, Foodity, Nespresso, Square Meal, Champagne Jayne, Peter’s Yard, Vestal Vodka, Yahire.com, AinsleyHarriot, Montezuma’s, One Difference Water

FBC Market Traders: Better Breakfast Week, ArganicChampagne JaynePistachio Rose, VitamixWhiskThe Bell & BrisketSilmar’s Taste, Vestal VodkaToma Mexicana, Russian RevelsMother FlipperPasta e Basta, Cook in a CurryVinn GouteGurmetti, Guasacaca, La Tentations, Tongue ‘n Cheek


Now, of course, with barely a second to put our feet up, the organisation starts for #FBC5, the fifth anniversary of this trailblazing event taking place the 5th, 6th, and 7th of July, 2013 which has become an annual pilgrimage for bloggers from around the world – or, as one attendee described it, the ‘highlight‘ of her year. In celebration of our 5th year, we are offering bloggers an Early-Bird discount!! You can find out all about FBC5, here!


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