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Silvana De Soissons

Food Blogger Connect is like the United Nations of food blogging – bringing together a multitude of nationalities, cultures and traditions all with a common language: great food and drink and the stories around it. I was able to meet a great array of food bloggers, from all walks of life, ages and talents. It is very inclusive, friendly and democratic.


Dianne Jacob

FBC is a high-level conference with established food bloggers from several countries, yet there is also lots of content for beginners. The conference is very international. I got to meet people I’ve only corresponded with online, not to mention the huge thrill of coming to London to present to them.  FBC12 is different in that there is a lot of technical focus, the venue was funkier, the food and drink was much better and the goodie-bag was a higher quality than what I’ve seen at most events. Clearly, a great deal of care went into finding high quality vendors with an excellent variety of food and drink vendors. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!



I attended FBC12 to see my friends, make new connections and learn stuff! I really liked the location, loved the sponsors and absolutely adored the street food. I liked the workshops and loved all the food; it was amazing, the street food was really EPIC EPIC EPIC 🙂 Loved the wine every evening! Loved the beer! Gosh, using the word ” love” a lot 🙂 Other than the weather, FBC12 tops last year!!!


Jacqueline Roll

The atmosphere was excellent last year and was electric this year! It only goes from strength to strength! FBC creates a great outlet for exchanging ideas, inspiring and of course, connecting.



Monique Borst

FBC12 had an informal, international + friendly crowd with a varied programme. It was great to meet people interested in food, and particularly in setting up a food business.



Ceri Jones

FBC12 was a warm, buzzing, friendly environment of like-minded people all ready to share a love of food, blogging, and keen to improve what they do! I’ve learned a lot about how to promote myself better and was also able to find my niche/USP and can now work towards that.



Joanna Yee

FBC12 is a fun-filled weekend. I loved the food, people, and photography sessions. I had the pleasure of getting a signed copy of Will Write for Food from Dianne Jacobs, hugged and had my portfolio reviewed by Ellen Silverman, ate until I physically couldn’t anymore and met SO many wonderful people including the wonderful organisers of the event. I was introduced to some truly spectacular food traders; weeks later and I’m still thinking about eating flautas, arepas, and kimchi salty beef! I really enjoyed volunteering at the conference. I was extremely shy to begin with but being somewhat involved helped me feel like I belonged to the community.


Hannah Wong

Food Blogger Connect is a great place for getting your message or product out to the people who care about food. It was a really chilled out event and full of lovely and interesting people. 



Leemei Tan

” FBC12 was a great opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers and has been an amazing experience to be one of the speakers for the event and to meet all the food bloggers! FBC12 has given me great amount of exposure as I shared my knowledge in getting my cookbook published with all the fellow bloggers. ” 




Carla Spuri

I’ve been blogging on and off for the past 4 years not really knowing which direction I wanted to go in, but I think I have a better idea now. FBC12 seemed like a good starting point to get me on my way and to especially inspire me. I particularly liked the workshops, the people, the food and the fact that different cultures were represented throughout our meals. Of course, my gold stars of the weekend go to my “neighbours” Toma Mexicano and Guasacaca. I felt so proud talking other attendees through what they were eating and how it fit into Latin food and culture. FBC12 was an inspiring weekend for me. Just as Giulia from Jul’s Kitchen tweeted a day before the event “Take your passion and make it happen” – I came away from the conference feeling that with hard work things can happen. To me the most valuable part were the photography sessions (both with Sarka Babicka and Ellen Silverman), as mine needs a lot of improvement. I came away with a lot of tips and advise that I have already been putting into action and that will make a big difference to how my blog is perceived.


Stephanie Cracknell

I really enjoyed FBC12, it was well planned out, in a great venue, and the sessions were informative. I loved the cozy feeling of the conference and it wasn’t overly crowded, which I really thought was a good touch. I got some writing and writing style tips, and also found a new plug in for my recipes. Everyone I interacted with was really nice and there was so much thought put into the event, I was really impressed and will bring others with me next time!


Paul Richardson

I attended FBC12 to see what food bloggers are doing and what they are interested in. FBC12 was nice with friendly food blogger’s; great volunteer staff, great street food and good talks.





Eleanor Crossland
Square Meal

FBC12 was inspiring, entertaining, enjoyable and useful to meet and network with food bloggers.

Charlie Lee-Potter

” Honestly? I loved it all. Meeting Bea and seeing her at work was always going to be the highlight for me, but I also loved hearing about StockFood and learned a huge amount. It was great to see old friends and meet new and, as ever, the food and wine was delicious. There was a real sense of community, generosity and friendship, with everyone prepared to offer advice and help each other out 


Gretchen McCarthy

” I liked everything about FBC and I sincerely mean that.  The quality of the talks given at FBC11 was excellent.  And I was really impressed with the range of topics covered because I was able to get something out of each presentation.  The venue and food were superb.  And finally, the people who participated were lovely.  It was a pleasure to meet so many nice people 

more on FBC11 with Culinaria Libris





Valerie van de Flier

” Meeting new people, meeting people who’s blog I read and who I interact with on social media. Meeting people was the BEST part of FBC. Learning new things through the workshops was fun too! 

more on FBC11 with Love Through The Stomach






Helen Best-Shaw

” Attending FBC was one of the best decisions I have made for my blog, and my food writing career.   It also made me realise that there was nothing wrong with taking a more commercial route with my site, and that with work there was serious money to be made.   The speakers were superb, and I have made life long friends from other bloggers attending.  Roll on 2012! 




Jackie Lee

” To be able to meet and connect with other food bloggers, writers and photographers from, not just Europe but around the world, was fantastic. I went for the seminars and came away with a whole group of new friends 

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Sally Prosser

” I would go again just for the wonderful people I met at FBC – I learned so much from my fellow food bloggers and have made some firm friends from around the world.  The range of topics covered during the weekend far exceeded my expectations too.  My head was buzzing with inspiration and ideas “

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