FBC STrEAT Party Welcomes Yasmin from Lovedesh Curry

FBC5 is excited to introduce the launch of Yasmin’s (@lovedeshscout) Lovedesh Curry – a Bangladeshi-style curry which benefits artisans

Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you serve and where we can find you trading?

I am a British woman who escaped the professional City career. You will find us online. And soon at eaterie near you. We currently bring back recipes and cooking styles from The Third World, that are yet not known or can be tried by the rest of the world.

What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event? (ie – what type of food/beverage, what would the menu be, what would you be featuring, etc.)
A UK (maybe even a global first). I am bringing to the world, the Lovedesh Wood Fired Curry. Cooked on an open fire and with all spices hand crushed by me, on a genuine granite slab, as used by rural villagers in Bangladesh. It is the exact curry style that is still being eaten out there, by those without access to electricity. Thimble of samples only (as the curry takes a long time to cook and not suited for mass production). Come along, roll up your sleeves and have a go at the granite slab, or watch me in action. I decided to bring this curry style back from Bangladesh, after eating it for years and being taught by local women. It is delicious, not like any curry you will taste. The curry is a long and slow process of love. We’ll have an open fire and you will see how authentic curry tastes. We might also be showcasing some of the designs and accessories we are making in the UK from indigenous textiles.
Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC5?
 I want food bloggers to help spread the love and a positive word for Third World countries like Bangladesh who always get a hard time. And to support me with Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation.
What inspired you to start your set-up? What are your future plans for it?
To change the world as much as I can and help smash poverty by encouraging people to visit a Third World Country, just once in their lifetime. And I think, food will help get them there faster. My late father always told me to help him with his Bangladeshi charity efforts, but I never listened at the time. So a little guilt too perhaps? After his death, I started visiting Bangladesh and was distressed by the sheer poverty and constant negative portrayal of ‘Third World’ Countries. We in the West gave this label – we need to change how we see these 50 stunning nations and start celebrating their incredible food, design and travel heritage that is waiting to be discovered. That’s why I will be bringing the Lovedesh Wood Fired Curry to venues such as outdoor pubs and Indian restaurants across the UK, handpicked by me, that I know can guarantee the integrity and method of cooking. So look out on the new Lovedesh website of where you can go to eat this dish. It’s great as a alternative summer barbecue or in the chilly winter as it warms everyone up, no end. A fire gets people excited too. Add a curry? It’s a sizzling combination. Details of venues will be announced soon. If any venue wants to get in touch, or blogger knows of a great eaterie that would like to get trained up, and to feature this on their menu, they can get in touch with Lovedesh. Better still, with Amcariza Foundation, we are arranging direct rural cooking experiences.
What does your set-up mean to you?

My dream. My life. My little bit of trying to help others. My life savings. And I currently work nearly 20 hours a day….so it also means very little sleep.

What makes the food/drink you serve so special?

It is nowhere to be found in the UK. It’s time we Europeans tried a new curry style.

After yours, what other street stalls/pop ups/supper clubs out there do you think are really good?

I don’t really have time for supper clubs as am so busy travelling to Bangladesh – so I guess I would say Travel The Third World – support the street food scene out there. It is pennies in pockets of poor people.

Do you have a food blog? Who is your favourite food blogger? What positive effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?
 I am so focused on the design side at the moment (to help put pennies into pockets of artisans), the food section will be coming soon. In the meantime, I do have a blog called The NRB Diary but check out my Instagram for authentic recipes. Zoe Perrett of the Spice Scribe, has single handedly done more to help Lovedesh than any other travel or food blogger, I tried to reach out to. She is seriously passionate about Indian food and an expert in curries and will write the truth, regardless of getting anything out of it. When Zoe came to try my idea of cooking a wood fired curry, I was unsure it would be a hit. Her joy at discovering this new style of curry in the UK, helped inform me, I was on the right track. Now we are good friends.
What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?

Anything ‘pulled’. I also want to see more of an explosion on the Indian curry scene. Plus I loved Angela Hartnett’s BBC story about how we never buy enough of our own British crabs. So loving the whole crab revival.



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