#FBC StrEAT Party Gets Some "Yummy" Sweets with Yummy Boutique

Lisa Leah (@yummyboutique) of Yummy Boutique will be joining the #FBC5 StrEAT Party with her delicious, retro, Wonka-inspired baked goods.

Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you serve and where we can find you trading?

After years of delicious baking, an idea, a name, a business plan, a love for retro, a little encouragement from family and friends and a sprinkle of creativity Yummy Boutique was born out of a daydream by me Lisa Leah a lover of food and design. Yummy Boutique is a London based ‘For All Things Sweet’ boutique and bakery, specialising in Willy Wonka inspired creations. A lot of time and passion goes in to creating YB baked cheesecakes, pies, slices, whoopies, bars, cupcakes, desserts, layer cakes, cookies and more which are all baked/created in small batches to insure the best quality is achieved 100% of the time. Only the finest ingredients are used to create our treats including free range eggs, organic cocoa powder, fresh fruit and premium chocolate. Our Whimsical treats are available from various markets and events throughout the year such as the Foodies Festival, Truman Brewery Markets, The Mayors festival, The Stock MKT and also soon from our new online store yummyboutique.com launching summer. Yummy boutique has a straight forward goal. Every day, we provide pleasure of good taste by creating the best cakes and treats you have ever tasted and stay truly driven by the love of what we create.

What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event? 

Selected sweet treats from our menu with new flavours and a new treat also launching on the day.

Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC5?

To share creative great tasting sweet treats!

What inspired you to start your set-up? What are your future plans for it?

The future for YB is lots more yummy treats, creative cook books and sweet infused events/pop ups.

What does your set-up mean to you?

My set up means the world to me as it is created with passion and represents my imagination.

What makes the food you serve so special?

YB Treats are created first to please your taste buds then designed to please your eyes.

After yours, what other street stalls/pop ups/supper clubs out there do you think are really good?

There is so many great stalls/traders out there offering great foods from around the world. To many great traders to name a selected few as so many contribute something different to the food scene with even more great traders still yet to be discovered.

Do you have a food blog? Who is your favourite food blogger? What positive effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?

Food Bloggers play a big role in today’s food scene. Each post submitted by a food blogger is now a major contribution to the rapid growth of this industry.

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British street food scene at the moment?

Pop up Restaurants, Night Markets and Street Food Events.



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