FBC Dubai Welcomes Food Epicurean Fiona Archibold!






We are very excited to announce that Fiona Archibold will be supplying FBC Dubai’s Writing & Food Photography Workshop  with a host of props from backgrounds to cutlery, plate ware, crockery, cloths and more during Ellen Silverman & Martha Holmberg’s Photography Workshop!

Fiona's Christmas Dinner party, Springs, feature, house shoot, food shoot, portrait, Good HousekeepingFiona Archibold (@FionaArchibold) is a food mentor, professional chef, stylist, columnist and teacher. She is a project specialist in the areas of food styling, recipe development and testing, cooking tuition, conceptual food art, food and menu design as well as personalised culinary events.

Fiona has worked with leading global brands, and as the Founder of Stuzzichini Ltd. she ran the Ferrari F1| Marlboro VIP Hospitality suite. This exclusive hospitality area was located on the prestigious Formula One Paddock, and for three consecutive years, during Ferrari’s F1 golden years (2000 to 2002), Fiona and her team created exquisite food for the world’s sporting and social elite.


Fiona has conceived and built hospitality and food concepts, including her own boutique gastronomic guesthouse in the South-West of France for three years before moving to Dubai.

Fiona Archibold Dessert

Currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Fiona Archibold is one of the world’s leading food professionals. As well as her activities in the culinary world, she is Gourmet-At-Large and resident food expert for Good Housekeeping Middle East, the most widely read and influential food, household, and lifestyle magazine in the GCC.

You can also follow Fiona online fionaarchibold.com and on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates on her upcoming projects

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