Exciting opportunity for Pinterest lovers with #FBC15!

Aloha FBC’ers!

This is our pinning call to Pinterest lovers amongst you! We are bringing the community together and showcasing all the lovely pins in partnership with #FBC15 brand partner’s Pinterest in the lead up to the event where Pinterest will be on hand with an in depth session about everything you need to know about this platform!

We are highlighting a range of boards and have space for just 3 more boards on the FBC themed newsletter, which is scheduled to be sent out to the entire UK Pinterest foodie community later this month. Would you like to be the curator of one of these boards and get credited accordingly?Your task would be to curate a board with a ‘StrEAT Feast‘ theme based on a country/region from around the world, e.g. ‘Dublin’s StrEAT Food’ or ‘Portuguese StrEAT Food’ with 45+ pins. We have bloggers attending FBC from all around the world and we would love for the Pinterest newsletter to reflect this multicultural diversity.

FBC Pinterest Page
We already have boards representing the street food of London, America, Canada, India, Mexico, Poland and Austria and you can draw inspiration from these boards. We are after visually appealing boards (i.e. colourful, portrait orientated and large pins) that include a combination of street feeders, recipes for dishes that’d typically be served up on the street (of your chosen region) and articles/guides e.g. ’14 Amazing Street Food Markets in London’.
London's StrEAT Markets
We would first ‘create a board’ on the FBC board and then ‘invite’ you to pin. You would be credited in the board’s description and your blog name would be given (if you’d like it to be of course).

If this sounds of interest to you, or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: info@foodbloggerconnect.comMahalo,

The #FBC15 Team


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