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It’s January, the hectic holidays are not that far behind, which makes it the perfect time to plan that much-needed vacation –as we all need a holiday from the holiday. As fun as travelling can be, there are so many little details to plan ahead. Like what to feed the kids on an 8-hour car ride, or what snacks to bring on that hectic weekend hike and, probably the most difficult one, what food to bring on that camping trip??


Recipe and Photography by Forty*Chesnuts

Eating always seems to be a messy affair and unfortunately there’s no miracle snack that will leave your car crumb and stain-free –alas. As most of you know, the easiest thing to make for a trip is a sandwich. It’s filling, easy to eat, yummy (if you know your way around bread) and can keep your stomach satisfied for a little while. To make the experience as enjoyable as you can, knowing that you’ll only be able to munch it cold and not in the best of settings, why not replace the boring old slice of bread for some crunchy and crispy ciabatta? Forty*Chestnuts introduced an Italian Ciabatta Sandwich made with mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, tomatoes and chunks of artichoke heart, to add some oomph to your wrap. Liking the idea of giving an edge to your dough? Experts Three Hundred Sandwiches strongly recommend inserting some Fried Zucchini and Sliced Tomato on your Pretzel Roll, all seasoned with spices and coated with some creamy ricotta cheese. It hasn’t even been an hour since you fed the Fam and the kids are requesting some more? Yep- that sounds about right. Get that well-wrapped foil parcel out of your bag and present them with a piece of Bakers Royale Cranberry and Coconut Bread. The easy-to-eat healthy recipe is delicious and has just the right amount of sweet that will get them smiling, without jumping!


Food and Photography by Three Hundred Sandwiches

If you’re a big hiker, then you know that it’s best to head up to your trek lightly equipped, as the heavier you are the tougher it’ll get. Unfortunately, that means leaving the roasted turkey at home, and instead bring some richly condensed nibbles. Sadly, most energy noshes on the market may deliver that much-needed boost, but are often filled with nasty ingredients. As always, the best solution seems to do things ourselves.


Food and Photography by Vegan Ann

For an easy homemade energy bar, we recommend Nutritionist in the Kitch’s Apricot & Cashew Energy Bar that is sugar-less using Agave syrup instead –to the ladies’ delight. Looking for something sweeter and stronger? VeganAnn swears by her Pomegranate Date Quinoa Energy Bar, which pretty much seems to have a bit of everything and ensures that you’ll be kept galvanized if you encounter a bear, or get lost. If you’re a big dessert fan, (which we are), then you may enjoy this last munch. Confessions of a Bright-eyed baker suggests an interesting Apple and Cinnamon bar, filled with pecans and dates for a crunchy sweetened chew!


Food and Photography by Chef Jessica Bright

Now, for the most adventurous, who enjoy spending the night in the wild, faced with danger and deprived of a kitchen, first of all: respect.

And now that we’ve done a bit of research and realized how many delicious things you can still eat, without having to actually hunt – we take that respect half back! From Chef Jessica Bright’s fun Campfire Cones for the kids, made with nuts, marshmallows, bananas and every tasty thing you can think of, to Echoes of Laughter’s Super Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lumberjack Breakfast and Potato Boat Dinner with Ham, Cheese and Bacon; clearly, to our big surprise, camping isn’t exactly torture. And we haven’t even mentioned Tablespoon’s Grilled Honey-Cumin BBQ Pork Packs, nor Munchin with Munckin’s creamy Macaroni and Cheese.


Food and Photography by Munchin with Munchkin

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