Discover The Indians Next Door at the #FBC15 #strEATParty!

We are thrilled to announce that The Indians Next Door (@IndiansNextDoor) will be dishing up their homely delights on all three days of the #FBC15 StrEAT Party! 


What can FBC attendees expect from you at the event?IMG_2576
All our sauces and marinades are made from fresh ingredients and we source all of our produce from local markets and farms. The recipes have been passed down from our mother and my grandmother and have been cooked throughout our families for generations. It’s just simple home cooked Gujarat cooking!

On the Menu!
At #FBC15 we will be offering our famous Slow Cooked Lamb, which is a leg of Lamb marinated in our masala over night and then slow cooked for 4-6 hours. We will also be offering a Chicken Masala, grilled and served in our fresh naan. Our dough is made, hand rolled and cooked on site! We serve this with our raita yogurt and cucumber dressing, salad, lemon and chilli. We will also be offering our homemade chicken and veggie curries and homemade Biriyani.





















How did you get started?
We got started 3 three years ago after my niece spoke to a trader at Portobello Market and they were looking for an Indian stall. Within 5 days we got our licence and health and safety certification, we raided my aunt’s house and borrowed some pots and cooking equipment and set up our stall. From this we got offered a spot at SB Alchemy Festival where we were positioned alongside the likes of Cinnamon Kitchen and Masala Zone. We completely blew them out of the water with our food and stole the whole event. This sparked customers to write into SB, asking them to give us a pitch, which they did in September 2012.

We love meeting new people and connecting with young children – kids loving trying to roll and make their own naans. We get to travel around and recently went to Abu Dhabi for a 3 week festival, which was amazing and gave us more opportunities to serve our food. Our influence has always been our mum, who was an amazing cook. Whilst our Dad, who has always dreamed of us doing something as a family, was responsible for bringing our family together to run this business. He encouraged my nieces to understand how to run a business and connect with people.




FBC15 Connecting Bloggers and Brands


Where can we usually find you?
We trade at the South Bank Food Market.

How did you hear about FBC and why would like to take part this year?
FBC contacted us. We would like to take part in order to connect with people who enjoy food as much as we do and also to have the chance to showcase some of our best dishes. We hope to get feedback from bloggers, who understand new trends and learn what we can do to improve our brand image and increase our following.

What other events do you take part in throughout the year?
We haven’t been involved in other events yet, but this is an area we would like to explore.

IMG_0026Has FBC and other initiatives encouraged you to follow bloggers?
I believe this is where we fall short and really need help connecting with more bloggers. We would love to connect with those who see and taste all types of food, have a real eye for food trends and who are happy to give you more exposure.

What are your goals?
We would love to start setting up a small chain selling simple food at affordable prices. Indian Food is vast and we would like to put Gujarat Food on the MAP. We would also like to start an online business selling our marinades. We are very passionate about our food and genuinely care about our produce and what we offer to our customers.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the street trader scene?
Believe in yourself and your food and connect with people…“People Sell Food”

If you could cook for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Nelson Mandela and Gordon Ramsey. Nelson Mandela has been my idol and it would be a gift to feed the most inspiring person. Gordon as he is just crazy, but gets the best out of a person because he is able to see their potential.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?
Eat one meal but eat well. Try fresh and simple dishes like our chicken curry – it’s so easy and simple. Eating something you have cooked yourself is more gratifying and you have learnt new skills, plus you know what you have put into your food. Healthy eating is healthy for your heart.


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