Discover new and exciting places to eat at with Zomato at #FBC15!

Zomato will be helping foodies discover new and exciting places to eat and drink at this years #FBC15! Discover them on Twitter and Instagram at @ZomatoUK.


Zomato was started in India by founders Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. It is the world’s fastest growing food discovery platform, whose recent acquisition of Urbanspoon resulted in further expansion into the U.S., Canada and Australia. Zomato is now in 22 countries around the world.


In London we have over 24,500 restaurants, cafes and bars listed and we refresh that content every 3 months to make sure it’s up-to-date.

Zomato’s goal is to ensure that every meal is a great experience for our users. We believe in the ‘feet on the street’ model, which means we go out and collect all the useful data ourselves, like menus, photos and other important points of interest. This is how we are able to find all those hidden gems alongside the high street regulars. And as this platform is for food lovers, foodies can follow other food enthusiasts for trusted reviews and create their own food diary.

Zomato works closely with the most passionate foodies, allowing them to come together as a community at #ZomatoMeetups, events we host at restaurants to showcase menu launches, masterclasses or simply a great meal. This community is what makes us different from other platforms out there.

Connecting Brands

Industry Partner FBC15How did you hear about FBC? Tell us why you would like to take part in FBC this year and how you will be featuring your product or brand to connect with the community?

We heard about FBC through our network of food bloggers and thought it would be a great way for us to connect with bloggers who share the same interest in food and who may be interested in joining our community. So we’ll be at FBC on Sunday 27th September to talk to bloggers old and new to Zomato.


FBC registered attendees from around the world will be going home knowing more about your product and its flavour! How can other non-registered bloggers get their hands on your product? Where can they find it if they wanted to order or connect with you? is available in over 160 cities around the world, so a lot of people can use the service! Just head to Zomato, create an account and start sharing your food journey. Whether you’ve found an amazing hidden gem of a café that serves the best espresso or you’ve had a bad experience, share this with the Zomato community with a review, check-in or photo.

Acciuga #ZomatoMeetup

What type of bloggers do you follow closely or hope to connect and perhaps work with?

Zomato works closely with over 250 active bloggers who focus on a range of areas, from food to lifestyle to travel. We embrace different food cultures and want to drive that discoverability for our users from all around the world.

Food Bloggers are at the cusp of food trends, always interested to find out about a new trend, restaurant, and cuisine, and together with Zomato, we can communicate this to a wider audience of foodies.

Bierschenke #ZomatoMeetup 

How has social media helped you connect and engage more with a wider audience and particularly bloggers?

Social media has been the key to our engagement. In fact, Zomato changed its entire layout to be more of a social platform so that users can readily communicate with one another online and offline (i.e. through #ZomatoMeetups). Twitter has been great for engaging with blogs and seeing what people are up to. It’s also been a good way for us to communicate what we’re doing with our community and as a team in London, which helps create that personal touch we always want to give.


What positive effect are food, travel, or lifestyle bloggers having on the industry?

They are giving so much exposure and revenue to the industry. Influencers who have a great engaged following and are connected among other influencers, can really sway peoples opinions to eat at a particular restaurant (or not). Zomato values honest opinions and reviews from people who go to different restaurants on their own dime because it’s where they want to go.


What do you value in a blog?

We value food bloggers who actually know what they’re talking about in terms of food. They don’t necessarily even need a single picture – words are most important.

Evoluzione #ZomatoMeetup

What attributes do you think make a successful blog?

This varies on the type of blog it is. But for example, for lifestyle bloggers, using more photos helps them achieve successful blog posts.

What food trends are you looking forward to seeing snowball in 2015?

We’re enjoying the American trend. Bring on the ribs, burgers, wings and more. Apparently it’s the year of Greek. We want to see lots more street food, as well as healthy food.

If you could tell people to eat one thing more often what would it be and why?

Zomato would just tell you to eat out more and see all of the great eateries London has to offer. We want you to share what you’re eating more often, share your good and bad experiences and help others discover great places to eat. Cities are there to be discovered and food is a huge part of the culture of any city.

Chotto #ZomatoMeetup


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