Cuisinart is sending two lucky winners to FBC11

Food Blogger Connect is excited to announce the lucky winners from Cuisinart’s Smoothie Recipe Challenge. Two bloggers who participated in the smoothie recipe challenge have been chosen at random to win the Cuisinart sponsored giveaway for an #FBC11 Full weekend conference pass this August 12, 13 & 14, 2011.

Zoe from Gourmande Abroad was the first to be randomly selected. Zoe is already a registered attendee to the FBC11 conference and will be receiving a full refund thanks to Cuisinart!

Fiona from London-Unattached was the second winner randomly selected and will now be joining FBC11. It so happens that both Zoe and Fiona are new bloggers establishing their blogs. Thanks to Cuisinart, these two lucky winners will get an impressive opportunity with great insight on how to grow their blogs

Here is what our lucky winners of Cuisinart’s smoothie recipe challenge had to say!

(Zoe from

“Are you serious?! I’ve never won anything! THANK YOU CUISINART!

I’m almost a blogging virgin, although a blog has been stuck in my head for some time. The proof – I went to FBC10 last year and picked up a lot of tips but still have a lot to learn, and with the line-up of speakers there this year, the learning curve should be a lot easier.

I left the UK almost 15 years ago for Paris (well, for Pierre actually), hence the “abroad” in Gourmande Abroad. France may be renowned for its gastronomy but I love that you can “go travelling” almost anywhere gastronomically in Paris, which is what I do. Having been lucky enough to travel abroad a fair bit since I’ve been here, the latest on the list was Lebanon, unfortunately not with Taste Lebanon, but to visit my aunt and uncle. My aunt did a good job of having me try lots of Lebanese food though, introducing me to all her friends with “and Zoe likes food blogs”.

Among things I brought home with me from Lebanon was the rose syrup and confit rose petals which provided the inspiration for the rose, litchi and white grape smoothie I entered. The others were inspired by wanting to use a certain ingredient – vanilla, used with berries that are black, which was also a childhood dessert memory, or an unusual combination – apricot, melon and basil, with just one – watermelon, blueberry and raspberry – having been made before, for a detox last year.

Although enthused to come up with my own smoothie recipe, in the end the last I made was one of Cuisinart’s own, their strawberry kiwi smoothie because I had all the ingredients (although I admit tweaking it a bit!)

It was hard to stop in the end (but Pierre thought he would burst)! I hadn’t planned to put them all out in 48 hours but it didn’t work out otherwise… And I think I’ll be turning some of them into sorbet and ice cream, no doubt with one of Cuisinart’s ice cream makers when I get a big enough kitchen!

As they say in France, “Un Grand Merci” to Cuisinart, both for sponsoring FBC and giving us the chance to see their products and Anjum Anand live.

It goes without saying a huge thank you to Cuisinart for bestowing one of the precious full FBC11 conference tickets on me through the smoothie recipe challenge. When the news hit me, the first involuntary reaction I had was the kind of ecstaticness that translates by – running on the spot while sitting down action – you see in video out-takes! And then to email Pierre  – “you know all those smoothies you drank last week, they’re taking me to the food blogger conference”. He’s now in Indonesia for six weeks, and I’ll be in England at FBC11 thanks to Cuisinart!”

(Fiona of London-Unattached)

“Fabulous!  I am REALLY excited.  I haven’t been blogging for very long and, as a newbie,  I was trying to justify going to Food Blogger Connect.  I started writing London-Unattached to develop an understanding of how social media works (I run a marketing consultancy) and to find out more about Word Press.  Then, as an amateur foodie, I got a bit hooked on actually writing London-Unattached and now, just a couple of months on, I can’t see myself without it!  I developed a passion for food in my teens when I used to spend the summers with a French family in the Alps.  Their lifestyle was so relaxed and their attention to what they ate so detailed, it was an eye-opening experience for me.  And, although I had a few jobs early in my career where I was involved with food, most of my working life so far has focussed on marketing telecoms and financial services!

I’m single with no kids and my blog aims to cover lifestyle issues for singletons rather than traditional family life.  Over 30% of the UK population now live in single person households so there’s quite a lot of us!  I’m writing a whole section of ‘cooking for one’ recipes and the Cuisinart Smoothie Challenge fit very nicely in there as food that can be (literally) whizzed up in minutes but provide a fresh and healthy meal.  Once I got started,  I really enjoyed experimenting with making them.  I’m not good at eating breakfast or fruit, so they are a perfect solution for me, too.  For Cuisinart’s Smoothie Challenge to win Full FBC11 Conference tickets, I made a: Chocolate Avocado smoothie, Getting Peachy, a Goji Vegan Healthy smoothie and a Nutty Peach and Banana smoothie

I am genuinely thrilled to be going to Food Blogger Connect where I can meet people with a LOT more experience than me.  I’m extremely grateful to Cuisinart for their generosity and look forward to seeing their products in action at FBC11.  I’ve been checking out Cuisinart’s website and was actually surprised at the range of products they have (in my head Cuisinart made great small electricals but, as an example, there are also some rather lovely looking saucepan ranges too!)

So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Cuisinart and FBC – and I look forward to meeting you all.”



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