Crossing the Pond to Attend #FBC14, Meet LA blogger behind @MartiandJess this June!

All the way from Louisiana, we’re delighted to announce U.S. based blogger behind ‘Martine and Jessica’ who’s crossing the pond to join the #FBC14 community in London this June 6th, 7th and 8th!

Let the questions begin!

I’m Jessica! A New Orleans, LA based food blogger at Martine and Jessica (@martiandjess)

What are you looking forward to learning and enjoying at FBC this year?

Connecting with other bloggers, learning about food photography and styling, improving my writing!

Is blogging your full time job?

My background is the restaurant industry but after having children, I realized I would need to find a new passion. My full time job is caring for my two (three in two weeks) children and blogging is my other job!

Martine and I would love to author a cookbook. We post our own content and inspiration comes from our daily involvement with food and our backgrounds.

What’s your signature dish?

I don’t think I have a signature dish but this is a pretty incredible one.

Which other bloggers do you follow most closely?

Joy the Baker, Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks, Bake at 350.

I have learned a ton from bloggers but mainly I enjoy seeing what people around the country are doing at the exact same time as me.

What food blogging trends are you enjoying at the minute?

Food photography has gotten so good! It is incredibly impressive to see people who are part time bloggers (like Martine) turn out photography that even professionals think is great.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.08.37 AMWhat cookbooks have you added to your collection recently?

200+ I think the best cookbook author is Ina Garten. My favorite food writer is Ruth Reichl.

Do you have a favourite kitchen tool/appliance?

My standing mixer! I also love the super fast instaread thermometer.

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Thinking of attending #FBC14? Don’t forget to snatch up the last of the Hungry Bird passes available now until programme announcement. And, if you are looking to find out more about the event and how you can attend or connect your brand or message than shoot us an email to get in touch!

Enjoy a taste of FBC in this video and join the community of international bloggers this June!



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  1. Marica Bochicchio February 20, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    I’m very happy to meet this women because I went this year to N.O and I think to come again soon … I love New Orleans and his food!!! Ciao, Marica

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