Chef Mick Elysée of La Tentation at #FBC12 Market

Mick Elysée of La Tentation (LaTentationKTER) will be joining other FBC12 Market food traders with an incredible round up of specialty foods. Catch La Tentation during the final hours on Sunday for Champagne cocktails and canapés.

So, just who are La Tentation?
My name is Mick Elysée. I am a French Chef. I did my training in France under Michel Roux and Michel Toulousi. After a few years working as a Chef de partie, I decided to open my own restaurant at the age of 21 (La Gascogne, Toulouse, France). As I wanted more experience, I started my world tour working from place to place until I arrived in London where I have been working as a sous Chef in some of the best restaurant in London. Now, I feel ready to go back to what I started few years ago but with a new concept of private home catering/ private Chef. That is what we do at La Tentation. We are a catering business that offers the service of one or more private Chefs for your private parties, dinners, events…

What inspired you to start La Tentation?
I wanted to do something different from what I use to do before. I am very proud of this new challenge. I can cook and have a direct contact with my customers, I don’t hide in the kitchen so I can see their reaction when they taste the food and that is amazing for me.

Where can we find La Tentation regularly?
We don’t have a boutique as we are a home catering business and work directly from our customer’s properties or premises.

And where do you see it going?
Very, very far! Our next project is to start a pop up restaurant with a new concept, but I can’t say more…

Tell us a bit about food from La Tentation?
I love the word “fusion”. I love the mix and match concept. My kitchen is where Japan meets Congo, where France meets India, where China meets Brazil…I try to make my customers travel through my cuisine. I use the local farmer as providers and always try to use fresh and organics products for a better result.

What does it mean to you?
The satisfaction of my customers is the best feeling; I can say that it means everything.

What makes the food you serve so special?
I cook with love and passion. I am always researching for new flavour, new spices and texture to impress my customers. I use my Congolese and French heritage, my love for the Japanese cuisine to spice up the dishes and make them full of colour and taste. That is what makes my food special.

After La Tentation, what other food traders, caterers, and cooks out there do you think are really good?
Alain Ducas, Marc Vera, the Roux family and Marco Pierre White. I like to think of them as very good role model.

If you could only eat one dish, which would it be?
Very simple: pan fry sea bass, sauté fennels, chilli tomato and fresh herbs oil dressing…voila!

Do you have a food blog?
I do have a food blog ( ) but I use it for my recipes only. It is brand new, so I try to add as much recipes as I can once a month.

Who is your favourite food blogger?
I love them all!!

What effect are food bloggers having on the country’s food scene?
I think of food bloggers as councillors, they have a huge influence on the general public. They give advice and information on the food, the Chef and the venues. People trust their choice and, very often, follow their “verdicts”.

What’s your favourite new ‘trend’ on the British food scene at the moment?
I am a big fan of the molecular cuisine, I am always trying to combine different taste and texture in my lab on my free time.


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    Trained under Michel Roux & Michel Toulousi, Chef Mick of @LaTentationKTER will b at #FBC12 Market

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    RT @bloggerconnect: Trained under Michel Roux & Michel Toulousi, Chef Mick of @LaTentationKTER will b at #FBC12 …

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